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IWAS Wheelchair Fencing Paralympic Ranking

18 June 2020
After postponement of the TOKYO 2020 Paralympic Games to summer 2021, the qualification period was extended by one year.

The qualification period is now from 1 November 2018 until 31 May 2021.

Individual Paralympic Ranking List
For the “Individual Paralympic Ranking Lists” the following results from the official IWAS Wheelchair Fencing competitions during the qualification period (Nov. 1st, 2018 until May 31st, 2020) will count for total ranking points:
• Result from World Championships 2019
• Result from Zonal Championships 2020/2021
• Result from the best World Cup in each of the three (3) regions* Americas, Asia
and Europe
* If an athlete does not attend a World Cup in one (1) or two (2) of the regions, the best result of the World Cup from that region will be calculated as zero (0) points
• Next best three (3) World Cups, independent of the region

Competitions included in Paralympic Ranking Lists:
• 08.-11.11.2018 – World Cup Tbilisi/GEO (Europe)
• 13.-16.12.2018 – World Cup Kyoto/JPN (Asia)
• 11.-14.02.2019 – World Cup Sharjah/UAE (Asia)
• 21.-24.03.2019 – World Cup Pisa/ITA (Europe)
• 22.-25.05.2019 – World Cup Sao Paulo/BRA (Americas)
• 11.-16.07.2019 – World Cup Warsaw/POL (Europe)
• 17.-23.09.2019 – World Championships Cheongju/KOR
• 14.-17.11.2019 – World Cup Amsterdam/NED (Europe)
• 13.-16.02.2020 – World Cup Eger/HUN /(Europe)

Postponed events:
• 10. - 17.12.2020 – Asian Championships Nakhon Ratchasima/THA.
• 24. - 28.02.2021 – World Cup BRA, (Americas).
• 28.02. - 03.03.2021 – Americas Championships BRA,
• 24. - 30.05.2021 – European Championships GBR, Hatfield.

“Individual Paralympic Ranking Lists” (shown on IWAS website):

Men Foil, Cat. A
Men Epee, Cat. A
Men Sabre, Cat. A

Men Foil, Cat. B
Men Epee, Cat. B
Men Sabre, Cat. B

Women Foil, Cat. A
Women Epee, Cat. A
Women Sabre, Cat. A

Women Foil, Cat. B
Women Epee, Cat. B
Women Sabre, Cat. B

Combined Individual Paralympic Ranking List

The following “Combined Individual Paralympic Ranking Lists” are an addition of points of two (2) weapons from the “Individual Paralympic Ranking Lists” (athletes are only listed with results in both weapons):

“Combined Individual Paralympic Ranking Lists” (shown on IWAS website):

Men Foil + Epee, Cat. A
Men Foil + Sabre, Cat. A
Men Epee + Sabre, Cat. A

Men Foil + Epee, Cat. B
Men Foil + Sabre, Cat. B
Men Epee + Sabre, Cat. B

Women Foil + Epee, Cat. A
Women Foil + Sabre, Cat. A
Women Epee + Sabre, Cat. A

Women Foil + Epee, Cat. B
Women Foil + Sabre, Cat. B
Women Epee + Sabre, Cat. B

Further regulations

• To be eligible for selection for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, all athletes must have competed in at least three (3) international sanctioned IWAS Wheelchair Fencing competitions (independent of the region) during the qualification period and be internationally classified with a “Confirmed” sport class status.

  • An athlete can only compete in two (2) individual weapons at the TOKYO 2020 Paralympic Games but can be selected for participation in the third weapon for team events.

  • If two (2) or more athletes have the same total number of points in the ranking, the better ranking position will be given to the athlete with
 a) better result at the World Championships (priority 1)
 b) better result at the Zonal Championships (priority 2)
 c) best World Cup result (priority 3)

 • If an athlete could be selected for qualification slots through ranking positions in two (2) or three (3) “Combined Individual Paralympic Ranking Lists“, only the best position in these rankings will be selected.
If positions in “Combined Individual Paralympic Ranking Lists“ are the same, priority will be given to the higher number of total points. If this is still the same, IWAS EC will decide the “Combined Individual Paralympic Ranking List” for selection.

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