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12 July 2019

Wheelchair fencing World Cup is taking place in Poland from 10 to 15 July.

More than 250 world best athletes from 33 countries are competing in the tournament.

Russia is represented by 26 athletes:

Dmitri Belyaev (Vologda Oblast)
Konstantin Beyich (Omsk Oblast)
Victoria Boykova (Moscow)
Victor Dronov (Novosibirsk Oblast)
Alyona Evdokimova (Moscow)
Roman Fedyaev (St. Petersburg/Omsk Oblast)
Oleg Gavrilenkov (St. Petersburg)
Anna Gladilina (Kursk Oblast)
Albert Kamalov (Republic of Bashkortostan)
Michail Karpov (Novosibirsk Oblast)
Timur Khamatshin (Republic of Bashkortostan)
Anna Klimenkova (Omsk Oblast)
Alexander Kuzyukov  (Omsk Oblast)
Alexander Kurzin (Vologda Oblast)
Alexander Logutenko (Novosibirsk Oblast)
Nikolai Lukyanov (Moscow Oblast)
Yulia Mayia (Efimova) (Omsk Oblast)
Irina Mishurova (Moscow)
Nikita Nagaev (Bashkortostan)
Maksim Shaburov (Novosibirsk Oblast)
Evgenia Sycheva (Moscow)
Ludmila Vasileva (Moscow)
Artur Yusupov (Krasnodar Krai)
Anastasia Prudinnik (Moscow Oblast)
Aleksandr Kuritsky (Kursk Oblast)
Albina Davlyatova (Kuramshina) (Republic of Bashkortostan)

Schedule of the world cup

On July 11, all bout types will start off: men sabre A and B categories, women epee A and B categories and both men and women foil C categories.

On July 12, A and B categories men and women will compete on foils, C categories on epees.

On July 13, last day of individual events, winners in A and B categories on epees among men and on sabers among women will be determined.

On July 14, team events will start on foils and epees, and end with sabre medal events on the next day (July 15)

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