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Twelve more medals were won by the athletes of the Russian National Team on the eight day of the London 2012 Summer Paralympic Games !

01 January 1970
There were; three gold, six silver and three bronze medals{nl}{nl}Gold medals were brought by the Russian athletes Denis Gulin (triple jump, F11), Nikita Prokhorov (core, F46) and Eugene Shvetsov (800m, T36). This medal is the third gold for Eugene Shvetsov won at the London 2012 Summer Paralympic Games.{nl}Valery Ponomarenko (pistol, 50 m), the swimmer Artem Pavlenko (breaststroke, 100 m, SB14), Alexei Lyzhihina (back, 50 m, S4) and Denis Tarasov (front crawl, 100 yards, S8), athletes Artem Aref\'ev (800 m, T36) and Margaret Goncharova (200m, T38) were the silver medals winners today. {nl}Bronze medals went to Larissa Volik (javelin, F57), swimmers Andrey Gladkov (front crawl, 400 yards, S7) and Constantin Lisenkov (front crawl, 100 yards, S8).{nl}{nl}All together, the Russian National Team won- 85 awards (31-31-23).Before them, the British National Team with the score of (31-39-38). Strongest leaders are still Chinese athletes with (70-60-53), on the fourth remained Ukrainian Team.(27-18-23). By the total number of the winning medals as of today ; China (183), UK (108) and Russia (85)

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