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Today, at the Paralympic Village, Pavel Rozhkov presented awards to the winners of the London 2012 Summer Paralympic Games.

01 January 1970
At the solemn ceremony in the Paralympic Village, Pavel Rozkhov the Chief of Mission of the Russian National Team, congratulated the winners of the competitions and gave them, flowers and gifts. He also read out greetings from the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who today sent out 19 personal telegrams to outstanding athletes.{nl}{nl}Among athletes honored with awards were; Alexei Ashapatov Fedor Trikolich, Elena Pautova, Evgeny Gudkov, swimmers Oxana Savchenko, Denis Tarasov, Alexander Nevolin-light, Daria Stukalova Alexander Golintovsky. There were also coaches who were rewarded; Peter Builov (athletics), Igor Tveryakov (swimming), Nicholas Kirpichnikov (table tennis).{nl}{nl}At the ceremony,vthe athletes who had won 4 - 6 places were also encouraged.

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