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Three gold, six silver and two bronze medals were won by the Russian National Team on the third day of the Paralympic Games in London

01 January 1970
Gold medals were won by Olesya Vladykina in swimming competition (breaststrokes, 100 meters distance),by runner Natalia Ivanova ( 200 meters run) and by another runner Margarita Goncharova (100 meters run).{nl}{nl}Also six silver medals were added to the collection of the Russian National Team. Two were won by power lifter - Tamara Podpalnoy (in the weight lifting category up to 52 kg ) and by Olesya Lafina (in the weight category up to 48 kg). Our swimmers Dmitry Grigoriev in the (100m butterfly) and Dmitry Kokorev ( 200 m free style). And finally silver medals were won by Natalya Gudkova in the javelin and byTatiana Sevastyanova in judo( in the weight category up to 70 kg.){nl}The bronze medals were won judokas; Vladimir Fedin (in the weight category up to 100 kg) and by Irina Kalyanova (in the weight category up to 70 kg).{nl}{nl}The total assets in the Russian National Team; 22 awards (8 gold, 9 silver and 5 bronze).{nl}{nl}As of today, by non-official rating the Russian National Team is holding the fifth rank. The Chinese athletes are leading with ( 20 gold, 15 silver and 21 bronze), then Australians ( 11 gold, 5 silver and 13 bronze), British athletes now holding the third position with ( 9 gold, 16 silver and 11 bronze) , they are followed by the Ukrainian Team and Americans are holing sixth position with (6 gold, 6 silver and 10 bronze).{nl}{nl}By the total number of awards received, the China Team holding the leading place (56 awards), followed by Great Britain (36 awards), Australia (29 awards), Russian Team (22 awards) sharing it’s place with Ukrainian and American athletes.

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