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This Wednesday Russian athletes won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals in Table Tennis at the World IWAS Games 2015 being held in Sochi (Russia)

30 September 2015
The National Russian Team athletes in Table Tennis won 2 medals of the highest award, 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals  on the third day of the competitions of the World IWAS Games 2015 of the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation  held in Sochi, they are as follows:  12 gold medals, 10 silver medals and 7 bronze medals.
The IWAS World Games gold medal  winners of the Russian Federation  are as follows:  Alexey Saunin (Class 6-8) and Inna Karmaeva (Class 6-10), silver medal was won by Diana Gilimanova (Class 6-10), bronze medal was taken by Alexander Sokolov (Class 4) and Arseniy Shundrov (Class 6-8).
Following the two-day event of Table Tennis competitions, National team of Russia, who has been leading the Medal Rating from the beginning added to its medal set 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 3 bronze medals. 
Next to Russia down the list are Chinese Taipei team (2 gold meals, 2 silver medals), Romania team (2 gold medals, 1 bronze medal), Korea team (4 silver medals, 2 bronze medals) and Kazakhstan team (2 bronze medals).
Competition results for the 30th of September, Wednesday.
Class 4.
1.     Peter Ifros (Romania).
2.     Guyung Song (Korea).
3.     Alexander Sokolov (Russia).
Class 5.
1.     Ming-Chin Cheng (Chinese Taipei).
2.     Yen-Xung Lin (Chinese Taipei).
3.     Chasu Kang (Korea).
Class 6-8.
1.     Alexei Saunin (Russia).
2.     Cheonsik Li (Korea).
3.     Arseniy Shundrov (Russia).
Class 6-10.
1.     Inna Karmaeva (Russia).
2.     Diana Gilianova (Rusia).
3.     Gabriela Konstantin (Romania).
The Table Tennis tournament will end on the 1st of October.
World IWAS Games 2015 are held in Sochi from the 26th of September to the 3r of October’2015.  More than 800 athletes  from 34 countries in six (6) sports participate  in the competitions.

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