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18 September 2018

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018

In the sports hall of the “Palace of Youth” in Omsk (Omsk Region) was completed the 19th competition on sitting volleyball “Memorial of Miron Gurevich”. 6 teams came for the traditional start: “Rodnik-1” and “Rodnik-2” from Sverdlovsk Region, the team of the Regional Paralympic and Deaflympic Center of Omsk “Omich”, the team from Kemerovo Region and from Perm Territory.

The traditional tournament on sitting volleyball was held in one round. According to the regulations of the competition, the team “Rodnik-2” and the Omsk Region team played out of ranking and for that reason, the winner of all the five matches of the competition “Rodnik-2” did not entered the medal standings. The champion of the tournament became the team “Rodnik-1”. On its basis is formed the national Russian team on sitting volleyball. In the qualifying matches the athletes from Ural defeated the teams from Omsk, Kemerovo and Perm all with the same score 3:0.

The second place went to the team of the Regional Paralympic and Deaflympic Center of Omsk “Omich”, that defeated the teams from Kemerovo and Perm with a score 3:0. The team from Perm Territory completed the victorious troika because in the decisive match for the third place the team was stronger than the team from Kemerovo region.

Sitting volleyball is included in the program of the Summer Paralympic Games. It was presented for the first time at the Paralympic Summer Games in Toronto. In sitting volleyball the play is conducted between two teams of six players, according to the rules of the Olympic volleyball, with slight changes. When hitting the ball or attempting to hit it, any part of the athlete's body from the buttocks to the shoulders should be in contact with the pad. Each team is allowed to make no more than three touches of the ball before the ball crosses the net on the side of the opposing team. The winner of the match is determined in five sets. The score in the first four sets is up to 25 points, in the fifth - up to 15 points. All sets must be won with an advantage of not less than two points. In contrast to classical volleyball, the players of the front line are allowed to block the opponent. The height of the net during the men's and women's games is different.

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