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The Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone, congratulated judoist Tatiana Sevastiyanova, who won the silver medal at the Paralympic Games in London

01 January 1970
Vladimir Putin watched the broadcast of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.{nl}{nl}As the press-secretary of the State, Dmitry Peskov, told "After visiting a school, where Putin has congratulated the students and teachers with a beginning of a new school year, and held a meeting on the modernization of education, and participated in the celebration of the City Day on the Red Square, President watched Saturday evening broadcasts of competitions in London, in which Russian Paralympic judo players participated.{nl}{nl}After the performance in the finals, the Russian athlete Tatiana Sevastisnova won the second place, Vladimir Putin called her on the phone," - said the spokesman. "The president told the athlete that he closely followed the fight, and even said that he could not agree with the judge\'s decision on the final cast in this fight,"- said Peskov."The President also congratulated Savostyanova with a silver medal” Peskov added at the end.

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