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The Russian National Team won the overall medal table in Euro Para-Archery Championships for persons with physical impairments in Czech

20 August 2018

In the city Pilsen (Czech Republic) have been completed the European Championship on Archery for persons with physical impairments.

The Championship was held from 11-19 of August with the participation in the events of 86 men and 40 women from 27 countries.

The Russian archers won 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals, winning the overall medal table of the Championships. Second in the medal table came the Italian National Team, gaining 3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals. The third place of the overall medal table went to Great Britain with 2 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals.

In the individual rounds the Russian athletes won 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals.

The European champion in Compound bow archery became the Russian athlete Stepanida Artakhinova (Sakha Republic (Yakutya)), second finished the Italian athlete Maria Andrea Virgilio. The third place on the triumph podium went to the Russian athlete from Krasnodar region Yiulia Alekseeva.

Silver medals were won by the Russian athletes Bato Tsydendorzhiev (Zabaikal Region) and Nail Gatin (Moscow).

Bato came second with a silver in shooting from a classic bow, losing in the finals to Pole athlete Ireneusz Kapusta, and the bronze was won by the German athlete Maik Szarszewsky.

In compound bow shooting the Russian athlete Nail Gatin (Moscow) in the ultimate round won the second place, coming behind the Italian Matteo Bonacina, and the bronze went to the Slovak Marcel Pavlik.

In the team events the Russian Archers have won 3 gold and 2 bronze medals.

Gold medals were won in classic shooting among men in open class. The National team was represented by Sergey Khutakov (Republic of Buryatiya), Bato Tsydendorzhiev (Zabaikal Region) and Anton Zyapaev (Sverdlov Region). The second place in this class was won by the Pole team and the third the Italian.

The Russian women team earned the second gold medal in the shooting from compound bow. European Champions became Yiulia Alekseeva (Krasnodar Region), Nona Aleksandrova (Zabaikal Region) and Stepanida Artakhinova (Sakha Republic (Yakutya)), who defeated in the finals of the competition the Italian team. The bronze went to the Czech team.

Svetlana Barantseva (Krasnodar region) also contributed in the collection of the National team with a gold medal in shooting from classic bow along with Sergey Khutakov (Republic of Buryatya) in the paired mixed competition. The Pole team won the silver medal and the bronze one went to Great Britain.

In compound bow shooting the Russian athletes Stepanida Artakhinova (Sakha Republic (Yakutya)) and Nail Gatin (Moscow) won the bronze medal in the paired mixed competition. First came the National team of Slovakia, defeating the National team of Great Britain.

Also in compound bow shooting Nail Gatin (Moscow), Ivan Kozlov (Moscow Region) and Ruslan Ramazanov (Saints Petersburg) became bronze European Champions in competitions among men, finishing behind the Turkish team in the second place and in the Italian team won the first place.

The Russian Paralympic Committee congratulates the Russian National Para Archery team on the victory in the European Para Archery Championships and wishes further success in future competitions!

Archery is open to athletes with a physical impairment and is one of the oldest sports in the program of Summer Paralympics. When the first Paralympiad was held at Rome (Italy) 1960, para archery was part of the programme. The first archery competition for those with physical impairments took place at Stoke Mandeville that associates this kind of sport with the birth of the Paralympic movement in general. In 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo (Japan) the athletes will compete for 9 set of medals in Para Archery.

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