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The Russian National Team is holding the third place in an unofficial seam standing of the London 2012 Paralympic Summer Games.

01 January 1970
In the morning, excellent news came from the Russian National Archery Team. Our archers took the whole winning podium in competitions. Timur Tuchinova from the Chita region in the finals defeated his compatriot Oleg Shestakov from Krasnodar with score 7-3. Bronze medal was won by Michael Oyun of the Republic of Tuva, in the competition for the third place, 32-year old Russian athlete won over American athlete Eric Bennett with 6-0.{nl}The Russian athlete Raisa Chebanika, won the gold medal in the Table Tennis competitions. In the finals, she defeated Ukrainian athlete Antonina Hodzinskoy with- 3-0. The bronze medal was won by her compatriot, vice-champion Julia Klipenko. Also Russian athletes Yulia Ovsyanikova won the silver medal, in the finals, she lose to athlete from Holland Kelly von Zon. The Bronze medal was won by Ukrainian player Victoria Safronova.{nl}Russian athlete Vladimir Andryushchenko from Omsk region, won the silver medal in the shot put competition, the thirty years-old athlete has sent a projectile at 15.21 meters. Ukranian Andriy Hotivets – won the gold medal with 16.25 meters and closed the top three winners Russell Short from Australia with 14.73 meters score. Andryushchenko repeated his own success when in Beijing 2008 and in Athens in 2004, he twice was the silver medalist.{nl}Russians athletes Sergey Malyshev and Valery Ponomarenko had won the silver and the bronze medals in Shooting competitions of small-caliber pistol from a distance of 25 meters. Malyshev scored 765.5 points, Ponomarenko - 764.9. The winner was a Chinese athlete Li Tszyanfey with - 770.3 points.{nl}At the end of the day, two gold medals in swimming were won by Denis Tarasov (filed) in the 50 m freestyle and Oxana Savchenko 200m medley (Blind Sports Federation). Denis Tarasov in the 50 m freestyle set a world record 25.82 seconds. In second place the Dutchman, Maurice Dilen - 26.29. Third - Inan Wang from China, 26.31. Oxana Savchenko result - 2.28,0 sec ovke freestyle, second place - Natalya Prokina from Azerbaijan, 2.28,45, third - Russian athelete Daria Stukalova - 2.28,73. The silver medal went to Dmitry Kokarev from Nizhny Novgorod in the 100-meter freestyle. Winner with a new world record was Chinese athlete Yan Yan - 2.03,71 seconds. On the third place, Aristeydisa Makrodimitrisa from Greece - 2.21,04. The silver and bronze medals were won in the 200-meter freestyle byAlexander Nevolin of Bashkortostan (2.14,45) and Muscovite Sergey Punko - 2.14,83. The winner of this race was a Ukrainian Maxim Veraska - 2.12,42. 2{nl}Late at night, one more gold medal was won by Krestina Zhukova from the Nizhny Novgorod in the long jump. At her best attempt she flew by 5.38 meters and had won a world record over of Polish athlete Karolina Kucharczyk (6.00), and the athlete from Croatia Michele Ristoki who become the bronze medalist with (5.28).{nl}All together on the fifth day of the London 2012 Paralympic Summer Games, the Russian National Team had won 4 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze medals.{nl}{nl}The Russian National Football Team for cerebral palsy impairment ( / 7x7 /), early advanced to the semifinals of the Paralympic Games in London, and won a victory today in the second round of the group stage over the Team of the Netherlands –with score 8:0. Twice, score has been won by Lasha Murvanadze, Edward Ramon and Vyacheslav Larionov. One goal, on the account of Ivan Potekhin. At the beginning the Russian National Football Team won with the same score - 8-0 over the National Team of Argentine. The final match of the group stage, the Russian National Team will hold on September 5 with the Iranian National Team. After two rounds on account of Russians 6 points, Iran - 6, Netherlands - 0 Argentina - 0. In the semi-finals only two teams will compete.{nl}After only five days of the Paralympics Games in London in the asset of the Russian National Team- 49winning medals (16 gold, 20 silver and 13 bronze). In the team event, our team rose from fifth place to third, beating the Ukrainians and the Australians. Chinese athletes strengthened their leadership with (46-31-35), on the second place remains the British with (19-25-19).The forth position is held by Australian Team ( 16-13-19).{nl}As of now, the leading teams of the London 2012 Summer Paralympic Games are; Chinese (112) medals, Great Britain (63) medals, the third position is held by the Russian National Team ( 49) medals.

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