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The Russian national team in the sport for blind persons will take part in the World Championships in Sweden

02 June 2018

In the Swedish city of Malmo from June 3 to 8, there will be matches of the World championship in goalball sport of the blind.

 Medals of the World championship will be played by 16 men's and 12 women's teams.

 Only the women’s team will represent Russia at the competition.

 As a result of the draw at the group stage, the Russian women's national team will compete in Group C. Its rivals will be the national teams of Turkey, Japan, Australia, Israel and Sweden.

In Group D, the teams from China, the United States, Algeria, Canada, Greece and Brazil will have the right to enter the final part of the competition.

The opening ceremony of the World Championships will be held on May 31. From June 3 to June 7 there will be games of the group stage, also on June 7 quarter finals will be played.

 Semifinals and games for 1 and 3 places will be held on June 8.


Schedule of games of the Russian national team at the group stage of the competition

June 3 at 17:00 local time Russia - Israel,

June 4 at 11:10 am Russia - Turkey,

June 4 at 20:30 Russia - Japan,

June 6 at 12:30 Russia - Sweden,

June 6 at 20:30 Russia is Australia.

 Competition website:


 the Russian National Team will be composed of the following players:

- Irina Arestova (Krasnodar Region), number 4,

- Arina Gerasimova (Vologda Region), number 9,

- Victoria Leontief (Tula region). number 6,

- Anastasia Mazur (Kaluga Region / Moscow Region), number 5,

- Evgeniya Semina (Kaluga Region), number 2,

- Anna Shevchenko (Vologda Region), number 3.

Head coach of the Russian national team in goalball for blind persons, Honored coach of Russia Ilkam Nabiyev has been interviewed by the press service of the RPC and responded to several questions before the start of the World Championship.

How did the Russian national team perform at the previous world championships?

The Russian national team will take part in the World Championship for the third time. In 2010, we took the 10 place, in 2014 - 2 place. The World Goalball Championships are held once every four years.

What was the qualification for the world championship?

Our team was directly qualified for the World Championship, having won the European Championship in 2017.

How far the team’s composition was changed comparing to the European Championships?

Unfortunately, we do not have such a great reserve. After the European Championships, we have been experiencing nine athletes. After analyzing the events passed, it was decided that the same team that won the European Championship will be participating in the World Championships.

How was the draw successful for our Team, who will be the main rivals in the group?

We have a very strong team. In the group, the first three prizewinners of the European Championship in 2017 - Russia, Turkey, Israel. Paralympic champions 2012 - Japan, hostess of the tournament - Sweden. In fact, there are no weak rivals at World championships.

What tasks do you set for the team?

We always set maximum goals for ourselves. The main thing is that there are no injuries and illnesses. And successfully go through the classification. Moreover, three qualification slots to the Paralympic Games in Tokyo will be played at the World Championships. Therefore, you understand that athletes themselves know what they need from this World Championship. We will do everything we can to achieve the goal.

Where did the final stages of preparation take place?

In January and March we had training camps at the RTC "OKA" in the town of Aleksin, Tula Region, as well, our athletes took part in 2 international competitions from 25 to 29 March in Lithuania and from March 30 to April 2 in Sweden. In addition, we held joint training with the teams of Turkey, China and Japan. Currently, our team is at the final training camp in Aleksin and from there we will go to Sweden.

We wish you success in the upcoming competitions, thank you!

Golball is a summer Paralympic sport, exclusively for athletes with visual impairments. Each athlete must wear opaque masks. The match consists of two halves of 12 minutes. The task of the game is to throw the ball into the opponents' goal. Players of another team can block the ball with their body. The ball emits sounds while passing through the field, which allows the athletes to orientate on it. In this regard, in the hall for the competition should be complete silence.

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