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The Russian National Team has risen to a second place in the total number of gold medals received.

01 January 1970
On the seventh day of the Paralympic Summer Games in London, the Russian athletes had won total of 11 medals - five gold, three silver and three bronze and came in second place in the unofficial team standings.{nl}Gold medals today were brought by swimmers Alexander Nevolin-Svetov (back, 100 m, S12) and Oksana Savchenko (back, 100 m, S12), athletes Gosha Khugaev (length, F37/38) and team consisting of Eugene Kegeleva, Andrew Labzina, Fedor and Andrei Trikolich Koptev (the 4x100m relay). Highest awards were won by archers - TimurTuchinov, Oleg Shestakov and Mikhail Oyun (classic bow).{nl}Oksana Savchenko won her fourth gold medal at the Summer 2012 Paralympic Games in London, Tuchin, Labzin and Trikolich their seconds.{nl}{nl}Athletes Yegor Balls (800m, T12) and Nicole Rodomakina (100m, T46), swimmer Olesya Vladykina (complex, 200 m, SM8) were among silver medalists.{nl}{nl}{nl}{nl}Bronze medals went to athlete Vladimir Sviridov (length, F36), swimmer Dmitry Kokarev (back, 50 m, S2) and cyclist Svetlana Moszkowicz (individual pursuit with a separate start, H3).{nl}{nl}The total assets of the Russian national team 73 medals - 28 gold, 25 silver and 20 bronze medals. In the team event, our team came in second place, relegating to the British National Team with count of (25-36-31).{nl}The Chinese National Teams still holds the first place with the total count of ; 60 gold, 50 silver and 49 bronze medals.{nl}As of today the total numbers of winning medals ; China - 159, UK – 92 and Russia 72.

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