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17 September 2018

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

In Warsaw (Poland) from 7 to 10 September was held the World Cup on amputee football.

In the competition took part 6 teams from England, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Italy and the Netherlands. At the group stage of the tournament, the teams were separated in two groups.

The Russian national team took the first place in the group A, defeating the team from the Netherlands with a score 10-0 and ending in a tie with a score 1-1 with the Polish group.

The second place in the group took the Polish team, defeating the Netherlands team with a score 6-1.

In the group B the places were distributed as follows: the first place took the English team, the second the Ukrainian and the third the Italian.  

The two strongest teams of each group continued the fight for the medals.

In the semifinals, the rivals of the Russian team ended up to be the Ukrainian team. The match ended with a score 7-1 with a victory for the Russian team.

In the second semifinal the national team of England defeated the Polish team with a score 1-0. In the match for the gold medal the Russian team lost 1-0 away to the English team.

The bronze medalists became the Polish athletes and on the fourth place came the Ukrainians.

The following athletes form the Russian national team:

Timur Aliyev (Republic of Dagestan)

Igor Gamaonov (North Ossetia-Alania)

Igor Zhilin (Altai Territory)

Ruslan Zamakhov (city of Moscow)

Alexander Kozhakin (Volgograd Region)

Adam Mezhiev (Chechen Republic)

Sulambek Mutaev (Chechen Republic)

Valery Sadovsky (Volgograd Region)

Abubakar Tolkhadov (Chechen Republic)

Bislan Shahbiev (Chechen Republic)

Maxim Shtokolov (city of Moscow)

The Russian Paralympic Committee congratulates the Russian national team on winning silver medals at the Amputee World Cup and wishes success in the upcoming competitions!

Amputee football is not included in the program of the Paralympic Summer Games. Outfield players move around the field with crutches. The game is played on a reduced court size: 60 x 40 meters. The main difference between mini-football and amputee football is the number of players: instead of five athletes in the team, as in mini-football, in amputee football there are six outfield players and a goalkeeper.
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