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17 September 2018
The Russian boccia Athletes won 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in an international competition “Poznan Boccia Regional Open 2018”. The tournament was conducted in the Polish city of Poznan from September 5 to 12, with the participation of 70 athletes from 13 countries. 

In the individual competitions, the Russian athletes won a gold, a silver and a bronze medal.

In the class BC1 the representative of St. Petersburg Mikhail Gutnik won the gold medal, the second place went to the Ukrainian Vladislav Kukhta, and the third place to the representative of Slovakia Tomas Kral.

In this class, also a Muscovite athlete, Mikhail Letnikov was struggling for the medal. Mikhail reached the quarter finals, where he was defeated by Gutnik.

In the class BC2 the Muscovite Dmitry Kozmin won the gold medal and the second and third place went to Slovak athletes Robert Mezik and Rastislav Kurilak respectively.

The athlete from Krasnodar Diana Tsyplina terminated at the quarter finals and took the 5th place.

In the class BC4, Sergei Safin from Saratov Region, who was defeated in the finals by the Slovak athlete Samuel Andrejcik, won the silver medal. In addition, the Muscovite Ivan Frolov in this class came forth, being defeated in the small final by the German Boris Nikolay. 

In the class BC3 Eugene Maslovsky, an athlete from Krasnodar Region won the bronze medal. The Polish Damian Iskrzycki became the first winner of this discipline and the second place went to the Slovak Adam Burianek.

Alexander Legostayev (Perm Region) and Maxim Vasiliev (city of Moscow) reached the quarter finals.

In the team competition, our team won the gold medal with the help of the athletes Mikhail Gutnik, Dmitry Kozmin, Mikhail Letnikov and Diana Tsyplina in the troikas BC1- BC2. In the final, the Russian team defeated the Slovak national team, the third place went to the national team of Poland.

In the pair competitions in the class ВС4 Ivan Frolov and Sergey Safin won silver medals. The first place was won by Croatia and the third by Ukraine.

In the pair competitions in the class ВС3 the Russian athletes Maxim Vasiliev, Alexander Legostaev and Evgeny Maslovsky led the fight for a medal, but eventually came to the 4th place. The first place in this class was won by the national team of Poland, the second by the Slovak and the bronze medalist became the Chez national team.

Boccia is a Paralympic sport, in which participate athletes with cerebral palsy. This sport began to develop in 1980, and entered the Paralympic Games program in 1984. The game uses 12 leather balls (weight 275 grams and 270 mm diameter.) and one starting ball - "Jackball". The goal of the game is to bring your ball closer to "Jackball", as close as possible to the opponent's ball. The size of the court is 6x10 m. Players can score only by sitting in wheelchairs in their boxes. Athletes who cannot throw the ball due to the degree of their impairment are using special devices (guides) and an assistant. Despite the apparent simplicity of the game, the competitions are exciting, using tactic and strategy. At the Paralympic Summer Games 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) will be played 7 sets of medals in boccia.
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