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The Russian Athlete Svetlana Moshkovich won a silver medal in Maniago, Italy

02 August 2018

In the city of Maniago, Italy from 2 to 5 of August mass start races are taking place in the frames of 2018 Para-Cycling Road World Championship.  

On the first day of the competition, the Svetlana Moshkovich (Moscow) won a silver medal in a time trial.   

Svetlana finished the race in 24 minutes, 21,16 seconds. The winner of the race became the Dutch Athlete Jennette Jansen with racing time 23:30,05. The bronze medal went to the Swiss Athlete Sandra Graf - 24:40,83. 
Russia is presented on the competition by 12 Athletes with physical impairments and 3 bicycle tandems. 

Athletes with physical impairments: 

Svetlana Moshkovich (Moscow) class WH4 
Aleksandr Davidovich (Republic of Bashkortostan) -  МН5
Ivan Ermakov (Omsk Region) –МС1
Arslan Gulmutdinov(Udmurt republic) – МС2
Aleksey Obydennov (Moscow Region) – МС3 

Sergey Ustinov (Moscow) – МС3 

Sergey Pudov (Udmurt republic) – МС4
Sergey Semochkin (Moscow Region) – МТ1
Yulia Sibagatova (Moscow Region) – WT1
Alina Punina (Moscow Region) – WС5
Anna Tikhonova (Novgorod Region) – WC4
Olga Tsybulskaya (Moscow) – WT1

Athletes with vision impairments: 

Zhanna Grineva/ pilot Ekaterina Konstantinova (both Udmurt Republic)
Aleskandr Chiganov/ pilot Vladimir Yakovlev (both Samara Region)
Evganya Tsakhilova/ pilot Olga Nikishina (both Udmurt Republic)

The rest Russian athletes will compete in time trial on August 3.

Group races will be held on 4 and 5 of August. On the first day of this event, Russian athletes at tricycles and handbikes: Svetlana Moshkovich, Aleskandr Davidovich, Sergey Semochkin and Yulia Sibagatova will compete with the best athletes of the world. On 5 of August there are going to be competitions for medals in bicycle racings and bicycle tandems. 

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