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18 August 2018

Portugal is scheduled to host from August 22 to 26 the World’s Para Canoe Championships for persons with physical impairments.

Russia will be represented by 12 athletes:

Nadezhda Andreeva (Saints Petersburg)

Larisa Volik (Krasnodar Region)

Aleksandra Dupik (Moscow Region)

Leonid Krylov (city of Moscow)

Igor Korobeinikov (city of Moscow)

Artem Voronkov (Nizhnyi Novgorod Region)

Roman Serebryakov (Nizhnyi Novgorod Region)

Marya Nikiforova (Volgograd Region)

Aleksey Egorov (Krasnodar Region)

Егор Фирсов (Московская область) Egor Firsov (Moscow Region)

Aleksey Byvaltsev (city of Saints Petersburg)

Anastasya Belogurova (Krasnodar Region)


On the first day of the competitions on August 22 will be held heat runs in all classes and the semifinals among women VL1, VL3 and men VL1.

On the second day of the Championships is set to be the semifinals for men on kayaks KL1 and women KL2.

On 24 of August are taking place the men semifinals KL2 and KL3 and women will contest the KL1. Furthermore, the prizes among women and men on kayak races VL1 will be defined as well as the medals in women VL2.

On August 25 will be the semifinals and finals women canoe VL2 and men canoe VL2 and VL3.

The ICF World Para Canoe Championship is conducted along with the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championship.

The Head coach of the Russian National Para Canoe Team Archile Mavrifidi in an interview with the press service of RPK commented on the upcoming competitions:

«At the World Para Canoe Championship traditionally are participating up to 200 athletes from 45-48 countries. This time on the starts will be more or less the same number of participants. In the medal events of the Championship are included 12 disciplines, the 9 of which are also included in the program of the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo (Japan). According to the preliminary schedule the winners will be defined on the August 24 and 25, but the ultimate program is defined by the organizers after the medical and technical classification in order to categorize the participants in classes.  

In 2019 we are going to carry out the selection for the 2020 Summer Paralympics. Direct quotas will be given to our athletes after their participation in world championships: in 2019 there will be a quota for 6 athletes in each discipline of the 9 paralympic events and in 2020 there will be a quota for 4 athletes in these 9 paralympic events. Thereby the results of the 2 World Championships will define the 10 participants in the 9 paralympic disciplines in the upcoming Summer Games.

In 2017 Word Championship we won 1 gold medal, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals and this time our intention is to improve this result and we have all the prerequisites for that. This year our performance was quite good in the European Championship and we came third in the medal table (1 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze). On the eve of the World Championship the final training sessions are conducted in the rowing channel “Krylatskoe” in Moscow and our athletes approached their participation in good physical and emotional state.

The first group of our national team is flying to Portugal on August 19 because 6 of our athletes will go through the classification on the August 20 before the start of the competitions. The rest of the athletes have already passed the classification session on other competitions and will fly to Portugal on August 20. At the main start of the season on the part of the Russian Federation will be in action 12 athletes and we hope that our participation at the 2018 World Championship will be successful».

The Para Canoe is a paralympic sport that entered the Paralympic Games on 2016 in the Summer Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The competitions are among men and women racing in individual races with kayaks (К-1) and canoes (V-1), separated in three functional classes L1, L2 and L3. The first races among athletes with physical impairments were carried out in 2009 at the World Championship in Halifax (Canada) and they gained a massive support from the part of the viewers and the sports society. At the 2020 Summer Paralympics the athletes will battle for 9 sets of medals for persons with physical impairments.

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