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22 January 2018

The Russian national team of wheelchair curling became the winner of the comfortable part of the tournament "Kisakallio Open 2018".

 Competitions were held from 15 to 18 January in the Finnish city of Kisakallio.

 According to the rules of the tournament, teams were divided into two groups (six in each group).

 On January 15, on the first day of the competition, the Russians defeated the US team the score was 9 to 1, but lost to Switzerland (6-4) and Finland (7-5).

 Head coach of the Russian National Team, Honored coach of Russia - Anton Batugin summarized the first day of competition.

 "The first game was successful for us: at the beginning of the game the teams were looking at each other - we have not met with the Americans this season. In the middle, we tried to sharpen the game, and succeded in it. The Americans, in its turn, fell down and were completely upset.

The second and third games, in general, have passed with our advantage. In both games a number of critical tactical mistakes were made, which then resulted in technical ones at the end of the games. Figuratively speaking, we were stricken to our highly raised noses and were back to the ground - which was in a very timely manner as always. The Finnish team has taught us an excellent lesson: showed how to save nearly the lost game.

 Negative result is also a result: good slaps received in time, do not allow to get them at a more crucial moment. In any case, I hope so. "

 The second day of the competition started with a victory over Estonia (11-2), but in the second game, the Russians lost to Sweden (7-4).

 "In the game with Sweden, an unexpected mistake in the fourth end turned the game upside down," said Anton Batugin. Opponent caught courage, and our players got nervous. In the end, not quite correctly set goals and priorities, and, unfortunately, lost the game.

 All the games lost here was the result of the same reason that cyclically occurs in our team every year during this period of preparation.

 In previous years, they managed to overcome them and just reach the peak by the end of February-March. There are all prerequisites for this and now. "

 Anton Batugin's wards took the fourth place in the subgroup and did not reach the final part of the competition, but continued to fight in the "comfortable part of the tournament", where they defeated the Czech Republic (9-2), Scotland (8-7) and Germany (4-2).

 "The Czech team has made a lot of mistakes, the performing skills of their players are lower than those of ours. This allowed us to win without much difficulty.

 In the game with the Scots, the first half of the game was clearly behind us - the head coach of the national team said. - All our players showed almost 100% performance. The ending turned out to be nervous and tense: the players of both teams performed beautiful and complex throws. In the eighth end, we remembered in time that we need to take two stones for victory, Andrei Smirnov made two excellent throws in the crossline under the guards, and Konstantin Kurokhtin put the final point."

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