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Russian National Rugby on wheelchairs Team is competing for medals in Switzerland

01 October 2016

The Russian National Paralympic Tram (Division B) will compete for medals in European Championship which is going to take place in Switzerland city of Knoxville. The Championship will take place from October 3 up to October 9, 2016.


The Russian National Team which holds twenty first place (21) in the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation rating will compete in group A together with their colleagues from Finland (12 place in rating), Poland (15 place in rating) and Czech Republic (16 place in rating).


In a group B they will meet in friendly match with Belgium (13 place in rating),

Switzerland (14 place in rating), Austria (17 place) and Italy (22 place).

The solemn Opening of the tournament will be held on October 5, 2016. At the same day the starting competition will take place. Teams which will win first and second places will win the rights to compete in 2017 Spring European Championship (Division A) at the German city of Coblenz. This Championship will be a qualification stage for the World Cup 2018 which will be held in Sidney,  (Australia).


For the first time in the history of European Championships, the specialist from Russia will participate. Mr. Evgeniy Mashkov (classifier of the 2-nd level) will be included in the team of international classifiers of the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation

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