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Russian National Men’s Sitting Volleyball Team won silver medals at the international tournament World Super 6 in Iran

01 February 1970

Russian National Men’s Sitting Volleyball Team won silver medals at the international competition World Super 6 which took place in the Iranian city of Tabriz from April 19 to 24.

Six strongest teams of the world took part in competitions – Russia, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Ukraine and the USA.

The Russian team lost to Iran 3-0 at the group stage of the competition. The rest of the group stage games ended with the victories of our national team, over Germany (3-0), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3-1), USA (3-0) and Ukraine (3-1).

At the end of the group stage, the matches for the 1st, 3rd and 5th places were held.

In the final game of the tournament, our opponents was the Iranian team, which won again.

The Bosnians defeated the Ukrainian team with the score 3-0 in the game for the 3rd place.

Silver-prize winners of competition:

Alexander Baychik (Moscow region)

Tanatkan Bukin (Sverdlovsk region)

Alexey Volkov (Sverdlovsk region)

Eugene Volosnikov (Sverdlovsk oblast)

Ilnar Zinnatullin (Sverdlovsk region)

Anatoly Krupin (Sverdlovsk region)

Andrey Lavrinovich (Sverdlovsk region)

Victor Milenin (Sverdlovsk region)

Sergey Pozdeyev (Moscow region)

Alexander Reznichenko (Sverdlovsk region)

Alexander Savichev (Sverdlovsk region)

Denis Shestakov (Sverdlovsk region)

Igor Nesterov (Saint Petersburg)

Alexander Ovsyannikov is the head coach of the Russian national team.

Sitting volleyball is included in the Paralympic summer games program. First presented at the fifth Paralympic Games in Toronto. Two teams of six people, in accordance with the rules of Olympic volleyball, with some modifications, play the sitting volleyball. Any part of the athlete’s body from the buttocks to the shoulders must be in contact with the ground during the strikes or attempts to strike. Each team is allowed to make no more than three touches of the ball before the ball goes through the net on half of the opposing team. The winner of the match is determined in five sets. The score in the first four sets is up to 25 points, in the fifth – up to 15 point. All sets must be won by at least two points. In the game, front-row players are permitted to block an opponent. The height of the grid during men’s and women’s games is different.




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