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RPC jointly with Russia's National team on football 7x7 in sport center "Novogorsk" held a Paralympic Lesson for students of the Russian Economic University named after Plekhanova

04 April 2019
The Paralympic Committee of Russia together with the Russian national football team 7x7 at the Novogorsk training center held a Paralympic lesson for students of the Russian Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov.

Within the framework of the event, friendly meetings were held between the players of the Russian national football team undergoing a training camp on the eve of the World Cup, and two national teams of students. 

Both games ended in penalties, during which symbolic winners were determined. Athletes team showed students technical and tactical techniques of the game. The players, headed by the head coach, Honored Coach of Russia Avtandil Baramidze, at the end of the meetings thanked the participants of the Paralympic lesson and presented them with souvenirs from the RPC and the national team.

7x7 footbal is a type of football for disabled athletes with CP disease or another neurological disease. The sport is recognized by the International Football Federation (FIFA), from 1984 to 2016 it was part of the Paralympic Games program. Competitions are held on the field size of 75x55 meters, the gate - 5 m wide, 2 meters in height. A match consists of two halves of 30 minutes each. The Russian national football team of people with cerebral palsy is 2-time champion, 2-time silver and bronze medalist of the Paralympic Games, 3-time world champions.
The goal of the Paralympic lesson sports and educational project of the PCR is to acquaint the younger generation with the values of the Paralympic movement, the history of the Paralympic Games, sports included in the Games program, to show on the personal example of Paralympic athletes how to overcome current difficult life circumstances and achieve high sports results, involve children and young people in systematic physical education and sports.

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