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Results of IPC Alpine Skiing competition in Landgraaf, Netherlands

01 March 1970
1st day of the competition.{nl}Standing slalom (men) - 1st place - Alexander Alyabyev{nl}Visually impaired slalom (men) - 1 seat - Valery Redkozubov (leader Hermann Agranovskii){nl}Standing Slalom (women) - 3rd place - Inga Medvedeva.{nl} {nl}2nd day of the competition:{nl}Standing slalom (men) - 1st place - Alexander Winds{nl}Standing Slalom (women) - 2nd place - Maria Papulova.{nl} {nl}The first in the history snowboard IPC competitions took place in Landgraaf as well .{nl}Two Russian athletes were competing at the competition: Serafim Pickalov and Kiril Finkelman.{nl}Serafim Pickalov was the 12th at the first day and at the second day he was the 10th.{nl}Kiril Finkelman competed only in the first competitive day andhe was at the15th place.

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