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On Tuesday September 4, the Russian Paralympians won 13 medals among them 7 gold, 2 silver and 4bronze. As of now, the total number of awards won by the Russian National Team is 62 (23-22-17)

01 January 1970
The gold medals were won by Aleksey Ashapatov the shot put, runners Fedor Trikolich in the (100 meters, distance), and Eugene Shwedov - in the( 400 meters distance), Elena Pautova in the (1,500 meters relay in the race in the 4x100m) with Anastasia Ovsyannikova, Svetlana Sergeeva, Elena Ivanova and Margarita Goncharova{nl}{nl}Two gold medals were also brought by swimmers; Konstantin Lisenkov (back, 100 meters) and Oxana Savchenko (freestyle, 100 meters). For athletes Savchenko and Goncharova, these are their third gold medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and for Ashapatov, Shvetsova and Ivanova - their second.{nl}{nl}Both, Denis Tarasov and Aleksander Nevolin-Svetov won silver medals in the (100 meters back freestyle) {nl}{nl}The bronze medals were won by Stepanida Artahinova in archery and by, swimmers Alexander Golintovsky in the (400 meters freestyle), Olesya Vladykina in the (100 meters backstroke) and Daria Stukalova in the (freestyle, 100 meters).{nl}{nl}In an unofficial team standings, the Russian National Team strongly holds the third place, with the score of (23-22-17), equaling in gold medals only with British athletes.{nl}{nl}The Chinese are still the leaders of the London 2012 Paralympic Games with the score of total medals won (53-39-40), the forth place belongs to the Ukraine, their score (18-15-17) medals.{nl}{nl}At the London 2012 Paralympic Games, the Russian National Team has exceeded the results shown in the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing. As of now, there are 23 gold medals won, while in Beijing there were only 18 gold medals. The total number of awards won during the first five days of competitions is 62, while in Beijing there were 63 for the entire duration of the Games.

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