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On Sunday February 25, at the World Championship in Alpine Skiing for persons with physical and visual disabilities which is taking place at the famous ski resort of the Spanish town La Molina, the slalom competitions took place

01 January 1970
The male Russian athletes with visual disabilities won the first and third places during the competition. The first place was won by Ivan Frantzv, the leading athletes in the “B2” class ( with German Arganovsiy as his guide), and bronze was won by Valeriy Redkozubov, also in the “B3” class( with Vyacheslav Molodchev as his guide).{nl}{nl}Among women, Alexandra Frantzeva in class “B2” with guide Pavel Zabotin) , won the silver medal, thus taking second place.{nl}In the overall standing, the Russian National Paralympic Team is on the fourth place, with total score of two gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

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