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Meeting on clarification of Reinstatement criteria for the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) took place at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Headquarters in Bonn (Germany)

20 December 2016

Meeting on clarification of Reinstatement criteria for the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) took place at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Headquarters in Bonn (Germany). Two groups of specialists from the RPC Committee, headed the Chief of the Executive Committee, First Vice President Pavel Rozkhov and from the IPC headed by IPC Executive Officer Xavier Gonzalez.

Among members of the RPC delegations were; the Chief of the RPC Legal Department, the Russian Federation Duma member and vice President Mr. Oleg Smolin, Deputy Chief of the RPC Commission on Medicine, Anti-Doping and Classification Dr. Guzel Idrisova, representative of the Swiss Legal Firm “FRORIER” Dr. Lucien W. Valloni. The IPC delegation included Dr. Peter van de Vliet the IPC Medical & Science Director, Mr. Mike Peters the IPC Chief of Staff and Ms. Liz Riley the Bird & Bird legal representative.

Both parties reaffirmed their dedication to join forces in effort to enhance the effectiveness of common fight against use of prohibited substance by athletes as well as their commitment to strict compliance with anti – doping principles and full transparency.

During the meeting various aspects of technical natures were discussed in details. Both parties had an objective, open and constrictive discussion on of numerous organizational issues related to execution of the Reinstatement criteria of the RPC membership, sent out by the IPC on November 21, 2016. The RPC prepared about 170 questions that required clarifications. These questions were divided into 7 categories which covered such important aspects as; additional doping testing of the Russian athletes, submission of the personal data of athletes, coaches, specialists, RPC Executive Committee members and the RPC staff, formation of the RPC governing bodies, organization of the RPC Coordination Committee ,issues that were outside of the RPC area of influence, maintenance of the IPC Taskforce operations, financial provisions necessary for the RPC reinstatement of membership.

Both parties came to agreement on creation of a common road map for the RPC membership reinstatement at the IPC. In the frame of a road map elaboration, the RPC will address the IPC Executive Committee, regarding amendments to a certain Reinstatement criteria, as being out RPC area of influence and control. The first draft of a reinstatement road map will be reviewed by the IPC Taskforce on January 12, 2017.

The RPC delegation ones again confirmed the Russia State clear and firm position: doping has no place in Sport. This is serious threat to lives and health of our athletes as well discrediting of the fair competition principle. By continuous improvement of our national legislature, by transparent, by open cooperation with international organizations and by strict abidance of our obligations and responsibilities, we are step by step uprooting this evil. The state supported system of doping use in Russia never existed, and could never possibly exist.

The important issue of the Russian athletes’ participation in qualifications for the 2018 XII Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang (South Korea) was addressed by the Russian delegation during the meeting. The IPC representatives informed their Russian colleagues, that given issue is out of this meeting authority and suggested to the RPC to address the IPC Executive Board with petition, to allow the Russian athletes participate in qualifications toward 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang.

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