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26 August 2018

In the Swedish city of Gävle, from 4 to 10 August, international sailing competitions were held in the yacht class of 2.4 mR.

72 athletes competed for the medals. Russia was represented by two athletes Dmitry Khonich and Yegor Kamalov from the Primorsky District.

Dmitry on the outcome of the starts gained the 34th position of the final protocol, and Yegor the 41st.
The head coach of the Russian national sailing team for persons with physical impairments Sergey Moskovtsev commented on the completed competitions:

" Our athletes fought for the prize of the championship along with healthy athletes. According to an unofficial offset among athletes with physical impairments, Dmitry took the 4th place, and Yegor the 6th. This is a good result, but according to the plan the athletes were to be among the top three.

Several factors affected all together at once the final positions in the standings. Periodically, the weather presented surprises, the athletes competed in conditions with a strong wind, sometimes hurricane, and secondly they competed in rented boats.
The results demonstrated by Russian athletes at these competitions allow us to look with optimism at the next sports season, and this is also a good prerequisite for winning medals at international competitions in 2019».

Sailing is not included in the Paralympic Games program. This is an active kind of water sports, in which athletes compete using sailing equipment, installed mainly on yachts. Paralympic sailing first appeared as an indicative sport at the Paralympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. Since the Paralympic Summer Games 2000 in Sydney and before the Paralympic Summer Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, sailing was in the program of the Games. Athletes with physical impairments of the most varying severity are allowed to compete. According to the rules, any yacht can be modified and have special equipment that helps athletes even with the most serious diseases to successfully manage the yacht along with rivals.

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