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In the Republic of Mordovia the National Table Tennis Championship and National Junior Table Tennis Championship among persons with intellectual disabilities were finalized

06 June 2018
In Saransk (the Republic of Mordovia) the National Table tennis Championship and National Junior Table tennis Championship among persons with intellectual disabilities were finalized.

54 athletes from 17 regions of the country took part in the competitions.

Within the framework of the competitions, an Anti-Doping Training Seminar was held for the members of the Russian National Sport Team on table tennis of persons with intellectual disabilities and a coaching council took place, where the issues on regional cooperation, work with athletes in the regions, work with athletes in the Russian team and etc.

 Winners and prizewinners of the National championships

Personal competitions


1 Elena Prokofieva (Republic of Bashkortostan)

2 Marina Solovieva (Republic of Bashkortostan)

3 Yegorenkova Anastasia (Smolensk region)


1 Alexander Efremov (Kursk region)

2 Omar Musaev (Republic of Dagestan)

3 Sergey Potapov (Kurgan region)



1 Elena Prokofieva, Marina Solovieva (both Republics of Bashkortostan)

2 Anzhelika Kosacheva (Saratov Region), Galina Gorokhovatchenko (Republic of Tatarstan)

3 Svetlana Kolomiets, Nadezhda Betlinskaya (both cities of St. Petersburg)


1 Alexander Efremov, Kemal Gayfullin (Kurgan region)

2 Stanislav Yakushev (Omsk Region), Eduard Rosenberg (Krasnoyarsk Territory)

3 Dmitry Belkin, Andrei Tokar (both Lipetsk region)

Mixed pairs

1 Alexander Emelyanov, Elena Prokofieva (both Republics of Bashkortostan)

2 Daniil Bichenko (Perm Territory), Anzhelika Kosacheva (Saratov Region)

3 Sergei Borisenko (Moscow), Anastasia Egorenkova (Smolensk region)


Team Competition


1 Republic of Bashkortostan (Elena Prokofieva, Marina Solovyova)

2 Saratov Region / Republic of Tatarstan (Anzhelika Kosacheva, Galina Gorokhovatchenko, Leysan Zaripova)

3 St. Petersburg (Svetlana Kolomiets, Nadezhda Betlinskaya)


1 Lipetsk region (Dmitry Belkin, Andrei Tokar)

2 Kurgan Region 2 (Yuri Birsyuk, Alexander Obanin, Sergey Potapov)

3 Omsk Region / Krasnoyarsk Territory (Stanislav Yakushev, Eduard Rosenberg)

Results of the championship of Russia are available on the site of the RCC in the section "Protocols".

Using the materials of the All-Russian Federation of Sports of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Table tennis was first included into the program of the 1st Paralympic Summer Games of 1960. Athletes with intellectual disabilities take their participation in it. Men and women compete individually, in pairs and in teams. The Paralympic Games program includes two types of competitions - individual and team competitions. The game consists of five sets, each played up to 11 points, the winner is an athlete or a pair of athletes who won three of five sets.

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