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Avtandil Baramidze: "At the current European Championship we have achieved to what we have been going for so long!"

07 August 2018

The Russian National CP Football Team for the first time in its history won the gold medals of the European Championship.

The Russian team led by head coach, Honored coach of Russia Avtandila Baramidze won all six matches of the tournament, scoring totally 19 goals and missed only 3.

During the course of the European Championship, the Russians met with the bronze medalists of the Paralympic Games - the Spanish national team, 3-time Paralympic champions - the team of the Netherlands, and twice with 3-time champions, 2-time silver medalists of the Paralympic Games - the Ukrainian team.

The best goalkeeper of the tournament was Guram Chkareuli.


Group stage

Russia 5-0 Spain

Russia 1-0 England

Russia 1-0 Ukraine

Russia 4-1 Finland


Russia 5-0 The Netherlands


Russia 3-2 Ukraine



- George Albegov (Moscow region / Leningrad region),

- Danila Belov (Nizhny Novgorod region),

- Alexey Borkin (Nizhny Novgorod region),

- Soslan Gazdanov (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania),

- Marat Eloev (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania),

- Leonid Ilyichev (Nizhny Novgorod region),

- Vyacheslav Larionov (Nizhny Novgorod region / Moscow region),

- Sergey Materukhin (Nizhny Novgorod region),

- Dmitry Minenko (Moscow region),

- Roman Pesotsky (Moscow region),

- Vladislav Raretsky (Moscow region / Nizhny Novgorod region),

- Aslan Tibilov (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania),

- Guram Chkareuli (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania),

- Andrey Shimanov (Tula Region / Moscow Region).




Head coach of the Russian National CP Football Team, Honored coach of Russia - Avtandil Baramidze summed up the result of the historical tournament for the team:


"First of all, I want to share my joy. Finally, the Russian team became the champion of Europe. This title we won with the seventh attempt. Before that, our team participated six times in the European Championships. One time became a bronze medalist and five times silver medalist, and in the decisive game we always conceded on penalties. We have never managed to become winners. It looked somewhat strange, considering that during this time our team was the champion of the Summer Paralympic Games, the world champion. At the current European tournament, we, as they say, have improved and achieved what we have been trying reach for a long time.

Whatever it was, the long-awaited success was given to us in a very difficult struggle. Fortunately, the team overcome all the trials and coped with heavy physical trainings. The veterans as well as the youth athletes, who joined the national team, managed with all these trainings. Its lineup was half-updated.

Truly said, it should be specially noted that among the seven newcomers, there were no unexperienced ones, who did not participate in the hot sport battles. All of them are from the youth national team of Russia, the participants of the World Championship among the athletes of their age category; moreover, they are the winners of this tournament. Therefore, the guys, as they say, got smell of powder. However, everyone understood perfectly well that at the European Championship the burden of responsibility will be pressing much harder.

And it turned out as said. Nevertheless, no one wavered or gave up.

In matches, we basically relied on the young athletes. The starting lineup was consisted of more than half in the these athletes, who went out on the field. And they managed brilliantly with all the tasks that we had been set before the matches.

All matches were held smoothly by the team, carefully distributing the forces on the football "distance". At the group stage, the most formidable opponents were for us the teams of England and Ukraine, and we beat them with the same score 1: 0.

In the final match with the team from Ukraine, of course, was more intense. In my opinion, we acted more confidently than our opponents, surpassed them in sport skills, which, ultimately, affected the outcome.

Everyone's mood, as you understand, was upheld by this fact. After a short rest, preparations will begin for the upcoming World CP Football Championship in the next year, which will be held in Madrid. We also hope to perform at the highest level."


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