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01 March 1970

In Ramensk (Moscow Region) have been completed the Russian Swimming Championship for visually impaired persons.

The contests took place from 4th to 8th of August with the participation of more than 70 athletes from 18 country’s regions.

In the team Championship the team of the Republic of Bashkortostan won the victory, the second place went to the team of the city of Moscow, and the third one to the representatives of the northern capital of Russia – Saints Petersburg.

The Head coach of the Russian National Swimming Team for the visually impaired, honored coach of Russia Igor Tveryakov summed up the results of the competition on an interview with the press service of RPK:

«In general the competitions were held in a quiet high level. Several Russian records were beaten at once and two of them beat even European records. These achievements were made by Kirill Belousov from Saints Petersburg and the Muscovite Marya Lakritskaya. Our progress is profound and this fact can only make us glad.

First of all, the positive phenomenon of the competitions was the emergence of a whole new group of athletes with great perspectives in “heavy” classes, like those where totally blind swimmers participate. Their achievements are an evidence of the correct management and training of their coaches, who put in front of them goals of international level. And the other fact is that they will reach them in the near future, I personally don’t doubt that.

And what made us reach such a level? In the first place because of the opportunity that we had on the eve of the championship to conduct several training sessions in the most favorable conditions for our best athletes to sharpen their skills. Their intensive work did not go in vain and brought the expected outcome.

Everything would be fine if it were not for the continuing for a third year now for the known reasons isolation of the Russian athletes from the rest of the world. This fact, frankly speaking, is worrying all of us because it affects the spirit and the wellbeing of the athletes and the coaches. They are already pretty tired of this “inbreeding” situation, which cannot lead to something positive. The absence of meetings with strong foreign swimmers, and the absence of the opportunity to compete in vivo with them is depriving them of the drive of moving forward more actively.   

On these days the European Swimming Championship is taking place among athletes with vision impairments. We are monitoring very closely the results of the foreign athletes. Often they are below the results that demonstrated the Russian swimmers at the country’s Championship. Our leading swimmers, naturally, are becoming frustrated and it is natural because it is them that could rise in the podium of the European Champion».

The results of the Russian Championship are publicized on the web site of RPK in the section Protocols.

Within the frame of the Russian Championship the Russian Paralympic Committee organized anti-doping seminars with the participation of approximately 125 athletes, trainers and specialists, including the members of the National Russian Swimming Team for the visually impaired and other participants at the events.

Swimming in the Paralympic Summer Games is a kind of a sport that brings the biggest amount of medals. In this sport can participate women and men with visual impairments. In Paralympic Games the athletes compete in 50 meters pool with 8 roads complied with the standards of the International Swimming Federation (FINA). Furthermore, swimming is one of the first sport disciplines in the Paralympic sports and the first contest was held in the first 1960 Summer Paralympic Games in Rome (Italy). In the Summer Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) will be played 32 medal sets in swimming for persons with visual impairments.   

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