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A series of friendly matches between the National team of South Korea and the Para Ice Hockey Club "Phoenix"

31 January 2018

A series of friendly matches between the National team of South Korea and the Para Ice Hockey Club "Phoenix"

For the first time in Russia, a series of matches between the national team of South Korea and the PICC "Phoenix"!

Russian Paralympic Committee invites media representatives to cover the special events in the Paralympic world - a series of matches between the national team of South Korea Hockey Sledge - participant of 2018 PeyoungChang Paralympic Games and PICC "Phoenix" (Moscow region).

Gala Opening Ceremony of the series, will be held on February 3, 2017 at 15:20 (Tula region, in the city of Aleksin, Chekhov Street, 21). The following guests will take part in the ceremony as honoures ones:

- President of the Russian Paralympic Committee – Mr. Vladimir Lukin;

- Chairman of the RPC Governing Board, RPC First Vice-President – Mr. Pavel Rozhkov;

- Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Moscow Region – Mr. Roman Teriushkov;

- Mr. Dmitry Kotyrev, Director of the State Budgetary Institution of the Moscow Region "Paralympic, Deaflympic and Non-Olympic Sports Center";

- Director of the Republican training Center of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation "OKA" – Mr. Ivan Sidorkin.

Media Accreditation

In order to pass the accreditation procedure, it is necessary to send the representatives of the media and the contact person of the responsible person via e-mail to:

The deadline for applying for accreditation is 2 February 2018 17:00.

The person responsible from the RPC: Filippova Ksenia - press secretary of the RPC, 8-925-008-00-97.

The national team of South Korea will hold a series of matches with the " Phoenix" (Moscow Region) at the the venue of sport center "Oka" (Aleksin, Tula region).

Games of the symbolic series will be held within the framework of a joint training held upon the request of the South Korean national team with a view to exchange match and competition experience on the eve of the 2018 Paralympic Games.

South Korean National Team

Korean Para Ice Hockey players at the 2017 World Championships won bronze medal and was selected for the 2018 PeyoungChang Paralympic Games, which will be held from 9 to 18 March in Pyeongchang (South Korea).

At the World Cup in 2012, the team was a silver medalist.

The Korean national team met twice in official competitions with the Russian national team:

- At the World Championships 2013 in Goyang (South Korea), the Russians won with a score of 2-1;

- At the XI Paralympic Winter Games in 2014 in Sochi, the Russian team lost in an uncompromising and hard struggle with a score of 3-2. The main time of the match ended with a score of 2-2, and the winner was revealed only in the second series of post-match shootouts.

The best result of the team at the Paralympic Games - 6th place at the Games in Vancouver (2010).

Team’s members

Forwards: Choi Kwang-hyuok Jung Seung-hwan, Lee Yoo-Seung, Lee Yong-min, Kim Dea-Jung Cho Byeong-seok, Lee Yong-Kyung, Yang Yong-ho, Choi Si-SBI.

Defenders: Cho Yong-yae, Kim Yong-sung, Yang Dong-shin, Lei Hae-man, Han Ming-su, Lei Yee-hoon.

Goalkeepers: Yu Man-gyun, Lei Yae-wong.

The head coach of the team: Seo Kwang-suk.

PIHC "Phoenix"

One of the strongest club teams in Russia and in the world PIHC "Phoenix", 5-time champion of Russia, winner of the Continental Cup in 2017.

8 members of the Russian national team are members of the PIHC "Phoenix", of ​​which 3 are the silver medalists of the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Winter Games - from 2014 the captain of the Russian national team – has become Dmitry Lisov, the former captain of the Russian national team up to 2014 - Vadim Selyukin , forward of the Russian national team - Alexei Amosov.

Also Para Ice hockey players, "Phoenix", palying for the Russian team, won the bronze medal at the world championships in 2015 and 2016 European Championships, and the team’s captain - Dmitry Lisov was recognized as the best player of 2015 World Championships.

Team’s members

Forwards: Alexey Amosov Stanislav Barykin Fedor Ivanov, Ramil Ilalutdinov Maxim Kuz'minykh Dmitry Lisov, Stanislav Pavlov, Sergey Panfilov, Vasiliy Pimenov, Airat Khamzin.

Defenders: Nikita Alexandrov, Ivan Berdnik, Aivaz Bikmurzin, Ilya Butyrev, Vladislav Zubarev, Rustam Nabiyev, Vadim Selyukin.

Goalkeeper: Roman Peryshkov, Nikolay Kobelev.

The head coach of the team: Valery Anatolievich Karpov.


Schedule of events

February 3

15:20 - Opening Ceremony

15:30 - Start of match

February 5

15:30 - Start of match

February 6

17:00 - Start of match


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