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11 July 2019

Russian national powerlifting team for persons with physical impairment arrived to Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan for the World Championships

Competitions will start on July 12 and end on July 20. As of today, 500 athletes from 110 countries are going to participate in the events.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for July 12.

A flag-bearer from Russian team will be Vladimir Balynets, twice a silver-medalist of 2012 Paralympic games from Yakutia.

Medals will be competed for starting from first day of the championship.


Russian national team is represented by 27 athletes:

Alexander Belov (Yugra)  under 80 kg
Alexander Dyukin (Sverdlovsk Oblast) under 65 kg
Anastasia Kondrashina (Yugra) under 61 kg
Anastasia Mamadamirova (Vladimir Oblast) under 55 kg
Andrei Samovik (Krasnodar Krai) under 97 kg
Vasilina Shestakova (Yugra) over 86 kg
Vera Muratova (Vladimir Oblast) under 86 kg
Vladimir Balynets (Yakutia)) under 49 kg
Vladimir Krivulya (Krasnodar Krai) unde3r 54 kg
Galina Marintseva (Komi Republic) under 73 kg
Dmitri Apanasevich (Bryansk Oblast) under 72 kg
Elena Machekhina (Kemerovo Oblast) under 67 kg
Igor Shmorgun (Moscow) under 97 kg
Ildar Bedderinov (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast) under 59 kg
Irina Kazantseva (Altai Krai) under 61 kg
Irina Sadovnikova (St. Petersburg) over 86 kg
Larisa Berieva (Kemerovo Oblast) under 45 kg
Magomed Dzhamalov (St. Petersburg) under 88 kg
Marina Beketova (St. Petersburg) under 50 kg
Nadezhda Sychyeva (Moscow Oblast) under 73 kg
Petr Filatov (Altai Krai) over 107 kg
Tamara Podpalnaya (Altai Krai) under 55 kg
Kheda Berieva (Kemerovo Oblast) under 67 kg
Yulia Vorontsova (Krasnodar Krai) under 41 kg
Yulia Murashyova (Moscow Oblast) under 45 kg
Yuri Egorchenkov (Moscow) under 54 kg
Yuri Khuazhev (Republic of Adygea) over 107 kg

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