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Vladimir Lukin, Rudi van den Abbeele and Ratko Kovacic attended the Metting with Vladimir Putin

11 October 2019

President of the Russian Paralympic Committee – Vladimir Lukin, IWAS President Rudi van den Abbeele and EPC President Ratko Kovacic attended the meeting with President of the Russian federation Vladimir Putin with heads of international sports organisations

The Russian President said that Russia will host many international sporting events in future in particular Euro 2020, FIL World Luge Championships, World Championships in luge, swimming, volleyball, ice hockey, aquatics. President wished a good and successful work to the participants of the meeting.

Vladimir Putin:

Colleagues, friends,

Let me sincerely welcome you in Russia once again. This time we are meeting in Nizhny Novgorod. This is an ancient, very beautiful Russian city. I hope you will like it here.

You know and I have just spoken at the plenary session of the forum about Russia’s attitude to sports and our striving to reach new heights in sports that we consider very important.

Today, at the prompting of my colleagues, we reviewed our achievements and plans. Three group-stage matches and a quarterfinal of the UEFA European Football Championship will take place in St Petersburg next year.

We are getting ready to hold the world championships for luge in 2020, swimming and volleyball in 2022, ice hockey in 2023, and aquatic sports in 2025. We will also host a parachuting championship and a number of other events. So we have a large, serious agenda.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank our colleagues from abroad once again. We consider all of you – and ourselves – to be one big sports family that aims to develop mass and elite sport, primarily in the interests of people.

Sport serves the noble purpose of developing relations between nations, promoting health of the population and international cooperation. These are very important and noble goals.

Of course, we also know the problems faced by our and other athletes. We will work orderly to resolve them. I am referring to anti-doping problems.

We have cooperated and will cooperate with WADA. I am just hoping that all of these problems will be resolved on the basis of equality and in accordance with the current sports legislation, and that nobody will be discriminated against for political reasons because the purpose of sports is to unite countries and people rather than divide them.

I am very happy to welcome all of you once again. I would like to wish you success. I hope we will have a straightforward, open discussion. We, my colleagues and I, will be pleased to answer any of your questions.

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