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Vladimir Lukin in Sochi (Krasnodar Region) has taken part in the meeting of the monitoring council of the competition "Russian leaders"

18 March 2019

President of the Paralympic Committee of Russia Vladimir Lukin in Sochi took part in the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Leaders of Russia contest.

This year 104 people were the winners. Among them are the leaders of various levels from various areas. Each of them will receive a year mentor from among the leading managers of the country - the heads of major companies, governors, federal ministers, heads of the Presidential Administration.

The final of the competition lasted four days. Participants fought for victory 14 hours a day, working in a team and solving real problems from partner companies. The winners of the "Leaders of Russia" get into the staff clip. They will be easier to move up the career ladder. Although, the organizers emphasize, obtaining specific posts is not the main task of the competition.

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