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Vladimir Lukin and Rima Batalova participated in the festive concert "The Fifth Anniversary of Paralympic Games in Sochi"

15 March 2019

President of the Paralympic Committee of Russia Vladimir Lukin and vice-president of the RPC, 13-time champion of the Paralympic Games Rima Batalova in the city of Sochi (Krasnodar Territory) took part in the festive concert “Five Years of the Paralympic Games in Sochi”

During the opening ceremony of the event, in his welcoming speech, Vladimir Lukin noted:

“First of all I would like to say that in these five years we have become older, and we had time to understand that we were at a rare, historic event. We were lucky. Not every person from previous and future generations will visit the Olympic and Paralympic Games in his country. Some say that Paralympic sport is for the disabled. But it is not.

Firstly, a disabled person is a person with additional health problems, he has a family, social circle, friends, they live with him and try to make his life as complete and rich as possible, the same as everyone else. Therefore, it is a game for them. I would say more - these are games and this movement and sport are for all of us. Because it is to some extent a sport, to some extent medicine, to some extent health care, the healing of our souls. By helping this sport, by participating in it directly or indirectly, by attending, drawing the attention of our children to this sport, we become a little more humane, a little more humane, a little more "human.-

I thank the Sochi residents have become  a part of the Games  and never forget it.There are things that are more important than medals - we have become richer mentally, and during these five years we have understood what wide horizons sport has, the world, humanity has. We are thinking how to preserve the legacy of these Games. For example, Sochi has become the most advanced city in our country in terms of the ability of people with disabilities to live a full life. Nowhere is this. Yes, we are developing an adaptive environment everywhere, but Sochi is the leader here. Stay leader, do not forget and do not let it destroy. Now they are preparing for the World Wheelchair and Amputee IWAS Games in Russia in 2020, and Sochi may again become the venue for these competitions. Keep the mark of the Paralympic City!

Of course, for the last 2 and a half years we have lived a difficult life. We have not paid enough attention to the fight against doping - this insidious evil that distorts the face of sports. One way or another, this page is turned. It is today, March 15, that the Paralympic Committee of Russia is again integrated, admitted to the International Paralympic Committee, and we have become a full member of the Paralympic movement. Now we are deploying preparations for the next Summer Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020 and for the winter in Beijing in 2022. We really want to show, in spite of all the difficulties, our team, our athletes are winning, because we were able to create strong, powerful Paralympic movements in recent years, and in spite of everything, it will be one of the leading in the world, and at the same time , one of the humane and benevolent in the world. "

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