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Vladimir Lukin and Pavel Rozkhov participated at the «Anti-Doping Policy in Russia and in the World: Key Issues and Innovative Approaches in Fight against Doping» Conference.

12 October 2018

President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin, the Chairman of the Executive Committee, First Vice President Pavel Rozkhov participated in the « Anti-Doping Policy in Russian and in the World: Key Issues and Innovative Approaches in fight against Doping» in the Russian city the of Ulyanovsk( Ulyanovsk region), during the International Sport Forum "Russia - the Country of Sport"

 Vladimir Lukin gave the welcoming speech to all participants:

Dear friends!

On behalf of the Russian Paralympic Committee, I welcome the participants, organizers and guests of the Conference and congratulate you on the opening of such a significant event.

I want to express my sincere thanks to the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the Independent National Anti-Doping Organization RUSADA for the initiative and organization of this most important and relevant Conference.

We, as co-founders of RUSADA, warmly support the ideas embodied in the program of today's Conference, and are pleased to be here today.

I want to note that the Russian Paralympic Committee has been working in close tandem with RUSADA specialists for the formation of intolerance for doping of athletes, coaches and specialists of sports teams for several years already.

RUSADA specialists, together with their foreign colleagues, held informational seminars for the RCC Staff, who, in turn, conducted and conducted anti-doping seminars for all Russian national teams in Paralympic and non-Olympic sports.

In addition, recently the Russian Paralympic Committee, together with the Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow, the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and RUSADA, held the first Forum of young Paralympians, which was attended by over 100 children - students of Moscow’s sports schools, candidates for the Paralympic teams sports The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Sport of Russia Igor Sidorkevich, Director General of RUSADA Yuri Ganus, international expert appointed by WADA for work at RUSADA Eva Lyukuyuute-Stanikunene and famous Paralympic athletes - Paralympic Sport Ambassadors.

Taking this opportunity, I want to congratulate RUSADA and Yuri Alexandrovich Ganus with the recent decision of the WADA Executive Committee to restore RUSADA in rights. This is positive news for all of us, and we hope that the restoration of RUSADA will soon have a positive effect on the situation in Russian sports. But, there is still a lot of work ahead. We recognize this and will make maximum efforts to achieve favorable results.

Returning to the theme of our Conference, it should be noted that its holding is an important step to discuss global issues about the protection of pure sport from doping. This is an open exchange of views on the most pressing problems of the anti-doping sphere.

I am convinced that during the discussions promising ways of solving them will be proposed. In addition, the holding of this Conference vividly demonstrates the fact that Russia is doing a truly effective work in protecting “pure” sports, in building a culture of intolerance to doping.

It is very important that today leading experts in the field of anti-doping will give reports on our site. Of course, this will contribute to a positive exchange of experience and knowledge, the adoption of joint constructive decisions. The results of the discussions that will take place today will surely be sent to practical implementation in the very near future.

I wish all the participants of the Conference successful, fruitful work and achievement of the tasks set!

Director General of RUSADA Yuri Ganus and Director of the Department of Science and Education of the Ministry of Sports of Russia Tatyana Fomichenko also spoke with welcome addresses.

Presentations were made by Guzel Idrisova, Deputy Committee for Medicine of the PKR, Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, member of the Medical Committee of the International Paralympic Committee, Daly Marcelin, Director of RUSADA Margarita Pakhnotskaya, international expert appointed by WADA for UNESCO work in RUSADA Eva Lukoshyute-Stanikunene, Deputy Head of the Department of Sports Medicine Organization of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia Tatyana Pushkina and Head of the Medical Department of the Russian Hockey Federation Ekaterina Morozova.

The main agenda of the conference was the implementation of information and educational programs aimed at preventing violations of anti-doping rules among various target audiences, including students of sports educational institutions, athletes, coaches and doctors in sports medicine. Also, topics for discussion were the results of the implementation of the Set of measures for the implementation of the National Plan to combat doping in sport, anti-doping activities in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and innovative approaches to countering doping in sport.

Following the conference, a resolution was adopted with proposals to strengthen the work of all-Russian sports federations on the prevention of doping in sport, to work out the development of the fight against doping in sport in the framework of regional sports movements and to take a set of measures to raise public awareness on anti-doping issues.

The RPC presented the Educational Anti-Doping Program in 2017 at the Paralympic Sports House with the participation of an independent international expert appointed by WADA and currently working in Russia to assist in returning the compliance status of RUSADA to the World Anti-Doping Code WADA Peter-Richard Nicholson, leaders and representatives of the National Paralympic committees, the International Sports Federation of wheelchairs and amputees IWAS.

The RPC as of today held 89 seminars, during which 1833 Russian athletes, coaches and specialists of Russian national teams were trained. In order to accomplish this task, the PCR together with the independent international experts of WADA and RUSADA specialists trained 15 lecturers. In order to create an open environment with zero tolerance for doping and protecting the purity of sports, the RPC produced special propaganda attributes, placed in the second issue of the Paralympic Sport magazine background information on the anti-doping support of athletes, the RCC hotline, testing of medical products, distance education RUSADA platform and a special crossword puzzle where you can test your knowledge in the field of anti-doping.

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