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The Russian Paralympic Committee press - release on the results of the WADA's Executive Board

09 December 2019

Today, December 9, a meeting of the WADA Executive Committee was held, the following decisions which decisions were made:

Russia may not host in the Four-Year Period or bid for or be granted in the Four-Year Period, the right to host (whether during or after the Four-Year Period) any editions of the Major Events.;

Russia’s flag may not be flown at any Major Event staged in the Four-Year Period;

Russian Government officials/representatives may not participate in or attend any of the following events held in the Four-Year Period

Following the WADA ExCO meeting , the IPC has published its Statement.  It saya that the IPC supports WADA decision but it can be appealed by the Russian side in CAS within 21 days.

There are no allegations of breaking anti-doping principles by the RPC  neither in the WADA decision, nor in the IPC statement. Nevertheless, the RPC might be a subject to sanctions, which will significantly complicate its full-fledged fulfillment of its duties in preparing the participation  Russian athletes in the upcoming Paralympic Games.

Differences in approaches between WADA and Russian sports authorities regarding doping data are in no way the responsibility of the RPC and can be settled in a judicial proceeding.

For its part, the RPC will continue to actively work on the implementation of its main task - the preparation of Russian athletes for the Paralympic Games 2020 and 2022.

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