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The Russian Paralympic Committee in association with Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow, Ministry of Sport of Russia and RUSADA organized the I Forum of Young Paralympic Athletes

06 September 2018

The Russian Paralympic Committee in association with Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow, Ministry of Sport and Russian Anti-Doping Agency RUSADA conducted the I Forum of Young Paralympic Athletes in Moscow.

The event took place in Center of Innovative Sport Technologies of Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow. Near 120 children, who are members of Moscow Sport Schools including candidates to the Moscow team and National team of Russia in Paralympic Sports, took part in the event, as well as 70 coaches and support persons.

Master classes of sitting volleyball, 5-a-side football and table tennis were organized for the participants, as well as Anti-Doping Outreach Quiz. Master-classes of sitting volleyball and table tennis with participation of European champions in 2017 (football) and 2018 (volleyball) have been attended by Deputy Minister of Sport of Russia - Igor Sidorkevich, RPC President - Vladimir Lukin and Chairman of the RPC Governing Board - Pavel Rozhkov.

Before the beginning of the Forum - Igor Sidorkevich delivered the welcome speech of the Minister of Sport of Russia - Pavel Kolobkov:

“On behalf of Ministry of Sport of Russia and me personally I welcome participants, organizers and guests of the Forum of Young Para Athletes!

Over the years, athletes of our country are the world leaders in the sport. Russian Paralympians invariably show the best results, demonstrating willpower, firmness of character and honesty.

Russia has always been in favor of clean sport, and the Forum of Young Para Athletes is another effective opportunity to bring to its participants the principles of zero tolerance to doping in sport. After all, Anti-Doping rules violations are often caused by the fact that the athletes themselves, and sometimes even their personnel, are not sufficiently well informed of the Anti-Doping issues.

I am confident that the Forum will be an excellent platform for gaining new knowledge, open communication and exchange of practical experience!

I wish you all fruitful work and success!

Minister of Sport of the Russian Federation - Pavel Kolobkov"


 In his welcoming speech, Vladimir Lukin noted:


“Dear Friends!

On behalf of the Russian Paralympic Committee, I welcome the participants, organizers and guests of the First Forum of Young Para Athletes!


Our goal is that you should have a conscious understanding that you need to compete honestly, respecting your opponent from the very beginning of your sport career!

To protect the colors of the national flag at the World and European championships, Paralympic Games is a very important mission of every Russian Para athlete; therefore, we want you to achieve high results solely through persistent training, skills and the will to win!

I want to thank you for the support of our initiative appeared during the Forum of Young Olympians. This is a very important and necessary event! We hope that it will become traditional in Moscow and similar Forums will be held in other regions of our large country.

Now Madrid is preparing for the next meeting of the IPC Governing Board, therefore, representatives of the IPC, as they told us, unfortunately, were not able to participate in our Forum. On behalf of the IPC, the Director of the IPC Anti-Doping - James Sclater, wished all the participants the best and said that it would be interesting for them to receive your comments on the results of the Forum.

 In addition, UNESCO representative Marcelin Dailly sent words of support!

I wish you fruitful, mutually beneficial communication with your peers, successes and all the best!"


Head of the Moscow Sports and Tourism Department, the Olympic champion in speed skating Nikolai Gulyaev, RUSADA General Director Yuri Ganus, the President of the Research Institute of Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal also delivered the welcome speeches to the participants.


At the end of the opening ceremony and on behalf of all Ambassadors of the Paralympic Sports - Alexei Ashapatov, 4-times Paralympic champion greeted the young athletes.


“I have been involved in sports since I was a child, I know the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat. I understand well that success in sports is possible only through constant training and the desire for victory. My four Paralympic gold medals are confirmation of these words.

Sport does not forgive cheating. At today's Forum you will be told that doping is a problem of modern sport, which in no way can be tempted.

Good luck to you!"


The opening ceremony was also attended by Deputy Minister of Justice Alu Alkhanov, Chairman of the RPC Governing Board, the RPC First Vice-President Pavel Rozhkov, Director of the Center for Sports Innovative Technologies and National Teams of the Moscomsport - Kadria Akhmerova, the RPC Vice-President, 13-times Paralympic Games Champion, Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation - Rima Batalov, President of the Russian Rowing Federation - Alexey Svirin, Honorary Vice-President of the RPC, Honorary President of the Russian Federation of Sport for Persopns with Physical Impairments - Lev Seleznev, the vice-president of the RPC - Anatoly Tsarik, the ambassadors of the Paralympic sport - the 3-times champion of the Paralympic Games in track and field athletics - Yevgeny Shvetsov, the silver prize-winners of the Paralympic Games in Para Ice Hockey - Dmitry Lisov and Vadim Selyukin, the 2-times bronze medalist of the Paralympic Games in Judo for Visually Impaired - Irina Kalyanova.

Educational seminars for the participants were conducted by an international expert appointed by WADA to work in RUSADA - Eva Lyukoshute-Stanikunene, Deputy Director General for International and Anti-Doping Issues of RUSADA - Margarita Pakhnotskaya and specialist of the implementation department of RUSADA educational programs - Evgeny Khristenko.

During the seminars, the lecturers told about the main values ​​of the Paralympic movement, threats to the health arising from the use of prohibited substances, the basic rules that any athlete must adhere throughout his career, and what he should not do under any circumstances.

Then the interactive game on knowledge of Anti-Doping rules "Brain Ring" was held, during which the young participants of the Forum, divided into teams, they were able apply the knowledge achieved in the previous seminar. In each team together with the young athletes, there were also famous Russian Paralympic athletes who helped to solve with difficult tasks.

Based on the results of the game, the best team was determined whose members received well-deserved prizes from the hands of Pavel Rozhkov and members of the Game Jury, they were: Anatoly Tsarik, Lev Seleznev, Yuri Ganus and deputy head of the Anti-Doping Support and Interinstitutional Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Sport of Russia - Alsu Makhmutova.

 In the final part of the Forum Pavel Rozhkov has his speech for the participants:

"Dear young Paralympians!

Thank you all for participating in the first Forum of Young Paralympians! I hope that you liked the conversation in such a new format, which is very important for all of us.

Each of you after today's Forum must draw conclusions about the honor and dignity of the athlete, the importance of competitiveness and clean sport.

I am sure that many of you will soon join the National Teams of Russia, we look forward to your successes and records.

Today's Forum has also become one of our steps that contribute to the reinstatement of the RPC memberships in the International Paralympic Committee.

With a view that our today's Forum will remembered for a long time, the RPC prepared memorable gifts for you, which you will receive after the overall photo.

 All the best to you! And see for the next time! "

Within the framework of the Forum, a seminar was also held for coaches, accompanying persons and parents, during which the main Anti-Doping rules and responsibility for their violation were declared.

The event was organized with the goal of anti-doping prevention and promotion of intolerance to doping among young Paralympic athletes, as well as promotion of Paralympic values ​​and the development of sports for persons with disabilities.

 In the framework of the RPC Educational program, the RPC have been developed the Anti-Doping seminars, which were undergone by more than 1,700 athletes, coaches and specialists, including members of the Russian National Paralympic Teams, the RPC hotline in order to create an open environment for informing about violations Anti-Doping rules, the position of the RPC on ethics, conflict of interest and the fight against corruption (assistance was provided by WADA expert Peter Nicholson), the RPC Anti-Doping rules, followed by all members of the RPC and many others important documents.

On August 19, 2017, the Educational Anti-Doping Program was launched, as well as the official launch of the RPC hotline and the presentation of the Paralympic Ambassadors, which were the outstanding Paralympic athletes.

Ambassadors participate in all events of the RPC and actively promote the values ​​of the Paralympic movement, the spirit of fair play, and the ideals of pure sport free from doping.

Currently, the Active Anti-Doping section on the RPC website is active, which in addition to the main Anti-Doping information and reference materials, there is also the "Check Your knowledge" quiz for all stakeholders.

The RPC published the Anti-Doping printed materials (Anti-Doping Guide of the Paralympic athlete, the RPC Anti-Doping Rules, the IPC Anti-Doping Code).

In order to create an open environment with zero tolerance to doping, the RPC produced a special propaganda attribute with the slogan "RPC is for fair sport!": posters, pens, notebooks, bracelets, T-shirts.

Together with RUSADA, the RPC conducts Anti-Doping quizzes WADA "Outreach" (outreach) at the events of the RPC,

Trainers and specialists, as well as the RPC managing staff, including the members of the RPC Governing Board, annually undergo e-learning educational training program of the RUSADA "Triagonal".

The ongoing activities of the RPC are aimed at promoting pure Paralympic sports, fostering ethical principles, fairness and honesty, maintaining health and providing equal conditions for all athletes. "

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