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The Russian National Team at the London 2012 Summer Paralympic Games won 102 medal ( 36 gold, 38 silver and 38 bronze), thus being the second in an unofficial gold medal count.

01 March 1970
This is was the first time for the Russian National Team to achieve such high result{nl}Previously, the Russian Team held the eighth position.{nl}With (95 gold, 71 silver and 65 bronze) the China National Team are still the winners, the British are third (34 gold, 43 silver and 43 bronze), then Ukrainians (32 gold, 24 silver and 28 bronze), Australians are the fifth (32 gold, 23 silver and 30 bronze) and sixth place belongs to the American National Team (31 gold, 29 silver and 38 bronze) medals.{nl}{nl}In the count of total number of medals receive. China (231 medals), British (120) Russia (102 medals).{nl}The final gold medal for the Russian National Team was won today, at the 7х7 football tournament, our Team won with 1:00 over the Team from Ukraine.

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