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23 August 2018

In Latvia from 5 to 10 of August took place the World Champions in Sports Orienteering for persons with physical impairments. 
The Russian National team composed by Pavel Shmatov (Lipetsk region), Natalia Salakhova (Sverdlovsk region) and Dmitry Dokuchaev (Moscow region) won bronze medals in the relay race.

The members of the national orienteering team for persons with physical impairments (international name TrailO) shared their experiences about the past World Championships.   
When did you start to deal with TrailO?

Artem Khalansky (Krasnodar Region): My first experience was in 2014, then I was trying to understand what I can do in this kind of sport and how I can do it, in order to get better results, which I gained in 2016.

Do you think that this kind of sport has perspectives for further development in Russia? 

Artem Khalansky (Krasnodar Region): I really hope that it has, because otherwise I would not deal with it. An essential obstacle is the lack of financial support and the huge distances in our country that we have to overcome in order to gain an experience in competing. Also I think that for this kind of sport it would be beneficial to create training infrastructures for the athletes.

What is the most important in the preparation of an athlete in TrailO?

Artem Khalansky (Krasnodar Region): The most important is the ability to think: observe, analyze, and come to conclusions. But, because the application of these abilities is quite specific, it is important for athletes to have the opportunity to train them especially for this kind of sport.  

Tell us please about the perspectives for the next year. 

Pavel Shmatov (Lipetsk Region): Time will show, but for the moment I plan to prepare myself for the next World Champions which are taking place in 2019 in the last days of June in the north of Portugal and in 2020 in Hong Kong, for the European Championship in the last days of May 2020 in Finland in the suburbs of Helsinki and for the Russian Championship, which is taking place on the Karelian Isthmus near Saint Petersburg.


Dmitryi Dokutsaev (Moscow Region): Actually the plans for this sports year are competed, the World and European Champinships have past. We are going to prepare for the next to come. 

Artem Khalansky (Krasnodar Region): Right after the Russian Championship in 2019 and a great sequence of trainings and qualifying starts in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia are planned in May. I really hope that these starts will help us in successful participation in major competitions.

With the use of materials from: http://xn----itbmiqhn.xn--p1ai/?p=3040

The Russian Paralympic Committee is congratulating the Russian National Orienteering team for winning the bronze medal on the World Championships held in Latvia and wishes further success in future competitions!

Orienteering is not included in the program of Paralympic Games. This interesting kind of sport is growing dynamically and the objective is to find the only one right prism navigating with the help of a compass and a map a distance in the woods (in a park or in a city), consisting of control points, on each of which there are several prisms, but only one of them is corresponding to the given legend.

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