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19 August 2017

At the house of Paralympic sport, the RPC started its educational anti-doping program, officially launched the RPC “hotline” and introduced the ambassadors of Paralympic sport. 

The RPC president – Vladimir Lukin, in his opening speech, appealed to the guests: 

«From all my heart I'm greeting you in the house of Paralympic sport. We are pleased to see the chiefs of NPCs, IWAS, WADA’s representatives, RUSADA, members of National Sport Teams of Paralympic Sports. Today is a special day for the RPC as far as we are going to summarize the outcomes of a great and serious work since the November of 2016 on implementation of the RPC Reinstatement criteria in the IPC memberships. At present time, we have already implemented the major part of the Road map for implementation of RPC Reinstatement criteria. Our work will be considered at the joint meeting between the RPC Coordination Committee and IPC Taskforce in Bonn (Germany) at the end of August of 2017 as well as at the IPC Governing Board meeting on September 3-4, 2017 in Abu-Dabi (UAE)». 

In addition, Peter Richard-Nickolson, WADA-appointed international independent expert, currently working in Russia in order to assist RUSADA to regain its Code-compliance status:

 «I’d like to congratulate the RPC for creating an atmosphere of cooperation with RUSADA. This has been done by a number of initiatives, especially in the sphere of education and in the development of so-called program of whistleblowers. And I’m looking forward to further participate in the RPC’s events». 

Start of the Rpc educational anti-doping program

Chairperson of the RPC Governing Board, RPC first vice-president – Pavel Rozhkov, introduced the RPC Educational Anti-Doping Program to the participants of the event.

The Program has been prepared in conjunction with the IPC Taskforce, RUSADA and WADA-appointed independent experts. Its mission is to prevent intentional and neglected use of the prohibited substances and methods by Paralympic athletes in Paralympic sport, and to increase the level of athletes’ and athlete support personnel’s awareness in the field of fight against doping, to ensure fair and clean competitiveness of athletes at national and international competitions in Paralympic sports.

In order to implement the RPC Educational Anti-Doping Program, the target is to educate more than 2,5 thousands of Russian athletes, coaches and specialists of National Sport Teams. To achieve this destination, the RPC together with the WADA-appointed international independent experts and RUSADA’ specialists, prepared 15 lecturers.

By the decision of the RPC’s managing staff, an implementation of the Program was directed to the Department of the RPC’s programs implementation, which is headed by the 5-times Paralympic Champion, RPC Secretary General, chair of the RPC Coordination Committee on the matters of cooperation with the IPC Taskforce on RPC reinstatement in IPC memberships – Andrey Strokin.

At the conclusion, Pavel Rozhkov has forwarded to Andrey Strokin the RPC Educational Program for its implementation. 


An important step on the way to promote an open environment of whistleblowing to report on anti-doping rules violation has become the establishment of the RPC “hotline”.

“Hotline” presentation

Before the start of an official launch of the RPC “hotline”, Pavel Rozhkov introduced the ambassadors of Paralympic Sport, appointed by the RPC Governing Board: 

«The RPC’s work on promotion of Paralympic values, fair play, ideals of “clean sport” with doping-free environment, is impossible without our famous Paralympic athletes who are reaching their high sport performance results without using prohibited methods. They are showing example for thousands of boys and girls who are supposed to be on the top of Sport Olympus».

Introduction of Paralympic Sport’s ambassadors

Afterwards, the ambassadors of Paralympic sport, attending the event, have entered to the stage:

The Goncharovs – Margarita – Honored master of sports, 3-times champion and silver medalist of Paralympic Games in Athletics, Ivan - Honored master of sports, silver and bronze medalist of Biathlon and Cross-country Skiing World Championships, 
- Schvetsov Evgeniy – Honored master of sports, 3-times champion of Paralympic Games in Athletics, 
- Shevchenko Alexander - Honored master of sports, 2-times world champion, silver medalist of Paralympic games in wheelchair curling,
- Lisov Dmitriy - Honored master of sports, silver medalist of Paralympic games in Para Ice Hockey, the captain of Para Ice Hockey Team 2014-2016, the best forward of 2013 World Championships, 
- Seluykin Vadim – Honored master of sports, silver medalist of Paralympic games in Para Ice Hockey, the captain of Para Ice Hockey Team 2010-2014,
- Kalyanova Irina - Honored master of sports, 2-times bronze medalist of Paralympic games in Judo,
- Artakhinova Stepanida – Honored master of sports, 3-times world champion, bronze medalist of Paralympic games in archery, 
- Mazur Anastasia– Honored master of sports, silver medalist of World championships in goalball, captain of National Team.

On behalf of all the Ambassadors Vadim Seluykin had his speech: 

«We are the members of National Sport Teams, despite the complicated situation in Russian Paralympic Sport, we are continuing persistently to ensure the training process, where possible, to participate in international and national competitions.

We will not be sorry for our efforts to promote “clean” Paralympic Sport in Russia and abroad, we are going to protect the main values of our sport. We are eager to be a sportsmanlike and vital example for new generations of Paralympic athletes. 
We are appealing to all members of National Sport Teams to a fair play, because by using doping you are cheating not only your rivals but also you threaten the prestige of your country!
And, of course, we are impatiently waiting for our return to Paralympic Family. Hope to see you very soon at sport arenas!».

For an official launch of RPC “hotline”, Pavel Rozhkov has also invited the RPC Athletes Commission members: Olga Semenova – honored master of sports, 3-times Paralympic champion, Mikhail Terentiev – Honored master of sports, Paralympic champion. The ambassadors and Commission’s members then launched the RPC “hotline”, which is published on the RPC official website.

The launch of the RPC “Hotline”.

These events were attended by IWAS CEO – Charmaine Hooper, chiefs of NPCs from Armenia, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Kirgizstan, China, Mongolia, Serbia, Montenegro, Tadzhikistan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Laos, South Korea as well as by director of the Federal Center of Sport Preparation of Olympic Reserve – Konstantin Vyrupaev, the RPC Governing Board members, RFSPPI Council’s members, members of National Sport Teams of Para Ice Hockey, Paracanoe and Wheelchair curling, which have arrived to participate in the first pilot anti-doping seminar of the RPC, head coaches of National Sport Teams on summer and winter Paralympic sports, RUSADA representatives.

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