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The RPC has forwarded to the IPC Taskforce and the IPC the Report on the Progress of its Criteria’s implementation for July 2017

10 August 2017

On August 4, 2017, the RPC Coordination Committee in conjunction with the IPC Taskforce in terms of implementation of the Road map for implementation of RPC reinstatement criteria (hereinafter as – Criteria) has forwarded to the IPC and the IPC Taskforce the Progress Report on reinstatement of the RPC memberships in IPC for July 2017.

In July the RPC has mainly concentrated on the implementation of the Criteria related to “the development of a strong anti-doping culture”. The efforts were made to promote an open environment that encourages whistleblowing and to increase the level of athletes’ and athlete support personnel’s awareness in the field of anti-doping procurement.

The following documents were agreed with the IPC Taskforce:

1.     RPC Anti-Doping Educational Program

2.     RPC “Hotline”

3.     RPC Regulations on Ethics, conflict of interests and fight against corruption.

4.     Educational courses for the coaches and specialists of National Sport Teams of Russia via the e-learning educational platform of RUSADA “Triagonal”.

         Upon the IPC Taskforce’s recommendation on August 19, 2017 the RPC will officially launch the RPC “hotline” for reporting of any alleged anti-doping rules violations and present the Ambassadors of Paralympic sports - remarkable and outstanding Paralympic athletes. They will actively promote the values of Paralympic movement, fair play, ideals of doping-free “clean sport”.

In conjunction with that there will be given a start to the RPC Educational Anti-Doping Program in terms of which the first pilot anti-doping seminar will be organized. This program was developed by the RPC together with the IPC Taskforce, RUSADA and WADA independent experts.

Besides, in terms of implementation of National plan to fight against doping in Russian sport, the RPC together with the RUSADA are actively participating in promotion and implementation of the measures to encourage an institute of whistleblowing, preparation of proposal of a voluntary testing of athletes. The RPC has also brought its proposals to introduce the measures, which set restrictions and limitations to persons, who once were sanctioned for committing anti-doping rules violations, up to a measure of withdrawal of person’s right to be employed in the field of physical culture and sport, and the RPC has proposed recommendations to establish in national sport federations a division, which would be responsible for struggling against doping.

Together with the development of a strong anti-doping culture, one of the main criterion for the implementation of reinstatement criteria is to organize anti-doping testing of Russian athletes and processing of its results management.

In July, the RPC within the approval by the national sport federations of Paralympic sports has updated and sent to the IPC and IPC Taskforce the National list, consisting of 925 athletes, who the RPC would wish to put forward for participation in IPC-sanctioned competitions, were the RPC to be reinstated.

As of August, there are totally 195 Paralympic athletes in RTPs, including in RUSADA’s RTP – 53 persons, IPC’s RTP – 91 persons, IFs’ RTPs – 51 persons.

The RPC has come to an agreement with the IPC that the RPC has to amend quarterly the National list as well as to prioritize athletes in order to take into account the available capacity of their inclusion in the RTPs. Presently, priority is given to athletes of Winter Paralympic sports and they are almost all are included into national and international RTPs.

There are discussions with RUSADA on the possibility of a further increasing the number of Paralympic athletes to be included into the national testing pool in compliance with the requirements of the RPC reinstatement criteria. The relevant order is given to RUSADA and to the RPC according to paragraph 14 of “the Complex of measures on implementation of National plan to fight against doping in Russian sport”, adopted by Independent Public Anti-Doping Commission, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated July 10, 2017 №1456-р.

Presently, in the joint cooperation with the Russian Olympic Committee (hereafter as - ROC), the RPC is continuing its work on the reinstating of the RUSADA status as the Code-compliance organization. On August 3, 2017, the WADA published the «Road map for restoring the status of RUSADA Code-compliance» for more detailed information, please see link below.

In July of 2017, in accordance with the signed between the RPC and the IPC the «Agreement on informational cooperation in the field of personal data», within the framework of the Convention for the «Protection of Individuals with Automatic Processing of Personal Data», the RPC has forwarded to the IPC Taskforce and to the IPC, personal data of the IPC Governing Board members, the RPC Audit Commission and Heads of the Working groups\Committees\Commissions\Councils.

Other vital question of implementation of the Criteria, was forwarding to the IPC Taskforce and to the IPC of the following materials:

-         the list of Russian athletes, officially residing and\or those who could report in the ADAMS their whereabouts information in “closed cities”, out of the priority list.

-         The list of 314 Russian athletes (additionally to 234 athletes, that were forwarded in June of 2017) who signed anti-doping declarations (summer and winter Paralympic sports), out of the list who the RPC would wish to put forward for participation in IPC-sanctioned competitions, were the RPC to be reinstated.

-       the list of Russian athletes, coaches and specialists of the Russian National Sport Team in 2017, who are employed by the CSP.

-       the informational materials from the Russian Ministry of Sport on procurement of an access to the «closed cities» for doping control officers and blood sample collections officers to collect samples from athletes at no advance notice.

-       the «Complex of Measures On the Implementation of the National Anti-Doping Plan in Russian Sport», approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1456-р dated July 10, 2017.

-       «On Amendments to the Regulations on the Payment of Fellowships of the President of the Russian Federation to Athletes, Coaches and Other Specialists of the Russian National Teams of Sport in the Programs of the Olympic Games, Paralympics and Deaflympics Games, champions of the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Deaflympics, approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation», approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 321 of July 15, 2017.

It was agreed that the outcomes of the RPC work on implementation of the RPC Reinstatement criteria in IPC memberships, would be reviewed and discussed during the forthcoming meeting of the IPC Taskforce and the RPC Coordination Committee at the end of August of 2017 in Bonn, Germany and at the meeting of the IPC Governing Board (September 3-4, 2017) in Abu-Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates.

Simultaneously, the RPC in joint coordination with All-Russian Para Sports Federations (in accordance with permission received from 17 International Sports Federations, responsible for the development of 19 Para-Sports out of 28) is continuing the process of training and participation of the Russian National Athletes in major international competitions, including World and European Championships in Paralympic Sports.

Since the beginning of the 2017, the athletes of the Russian National Paralympic Team participated in the four World Championship (wheelchair tennis, cycling, wheelchair curling, table tennis) and in four European Championships (triathlon, wheelchair tennis, judo and Paracanoe).

Before the end of this year, the Russian National Paralympic Teams are planning to compete in eight World Championships: rowing, badminton, cycling, Paracanoe, archery, triathlon, taekwondo, wheelchair fencing and 8 European Championships in boccia, sitting volleyball, goalball, equestrian, table tennis, wheelchair rugby, taekwondo and 5x5 football.

The RPC continues an active preparation of its athletes for forthcoming Winter XII Paralympic Games in 2018 (Pyeongchang, South Korea) and for XVI Paralympic Games 2020 (Tokyo, Japan). This ongoing process is aimed at ensuring that, upon the time the RPC  returns into the Paralympic Family, the Russian athletes will be  ready  to compete in an appropriate sport performance level. 

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