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The President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin headed the RPC Executive Committee Meeting

27 March 2017

At the RPC Headquarter, the President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin presided over the RPC Executive Committee Meeting. The first issue on the agenda was “Medical provision of Paralympic athletes at the base of Severno-Kavkazskiy federal Scientific and Clinical Center” on which, Ms. Natalia Shkarubskaya  the Deputy Director General of Medical Issues of the Federal State Budget Institution “ Ug Sport” provided presentation, followed by a speech by Ms. Svetlana Mesropyan, the Deputy Director General of the Severno-Kavkazskiy Federal Medical and Biological Agency”. The main team of Ms.Mesropyan’s speech was peculiarities and advantages of carrying out recreational activities at the center.

The Chairman of the Executive Committee, First Vice President Pavel Rozkhov and the Secretary General of the RPC and the Head of the RPC Coordination Committee on cooperation with the IPC Taskforce, five-times Paralympic Champion Andrey Stropkin, spoke on the “Reinstatement of the RPC membership at the IPC”.


At his presentation, Pavel Rozkhov, pointed out that: “Presently, the RPC is working on the implementation of the IPC Reinstatement Criteria in accordance with the Road map, which was provided by the IPC Taskforce on March 27, 2017. The IPC Road map consists of 6 (six) Articles and 67(sixty seven) points. As of today, there are 46 (forty six) documents which were sent out for the IPC Taskforce’s consideration and approval”.

In order to meet the IPC Reinstatement Criteria for the RPC membership’s reinstatement at the IPC of November 21, 2016 in accordance with the Road map, the RPC Executive Committee confirmed:


  • The RPC Anti-Doping Rules with attachments & additions;

The IPC’s Executive Committee entrusted the Russian Sport Federation for Persons with Physical Impairments, Russian National Federation for Persons with Intelectual Impairments and Russian National Federation of Sport for Blind to:

  • To inform the RUSADA, an appropriate international sports federations and the RPC of any information related to violations of anti-doping rules and regulations by athletes, coaches, specialists and athletes’ staff of Russian National Paralympic Teams. To fully cooperate in all investigation activities of any anti-doping organization, entitled to conduct the investigations.


  • On the 10 (tenth) day of each month to provide the RUSADA the consolidated Calendar of competitions and training activities for following  month with addresses of indicated events as well as the list of athletes participants of those events.


  • On regular basis to assist the RUSADA in its realization of the athletes’ testing plan, with provision of the detailed and adequate information of athletes’ whereabouts during those testing events, including schedules of the events. To conduct organizational activities aimed to assist during the whereabouts data entering process into the PUSADA and the WADA testing pools.


The RPC Executive Committee, also approved the procedures and principles of the formation of the Russian National Team for participation in the XVI Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) for athletes with physical, intellectual and visual impairments, list of candidates for the Russian National Paralympic Team in summer and winter sports and Annual Report of the RPC Executive Committee’s activities for 2016.

The RPC Executive Committee meeting was attended by the RPC Executive Committee members as well as head coaches and coaches of the Russian National Paralympic Teams in summer and winter sports. 

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