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The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin met with the Russian National Paralympic Team in Summer Sports and presented them with the state awards.

19 September 2016
The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, met the members of the Russian National Team in Summer Sports and presented them with state awards.
The honorary diplomas were: Andrey Vdovin, Margarita Goncharova, Dmitriy Dushkin, Svetlana Krivenok, Evgenui Malukh, Elena Pautova, Dmitriy Safronov,  Vladimir Sviridov, Evgenoy Torsunov, Evgeniy Shvechov (athletics) Andrey Granichka, Dmitriy Grigoriev, Vyacheslav Emelyanchev, Andrey Kalina, Anna Krivshina,  Konstantin Lisenkov, Denis Tarasov  (swimming)
The state awards were also rewarded to the honorary coaches of the Russian National Team : Uriy Nazarenko, Svetlana Borisovskaya, Guzel Tveryakova and also coaches of the Russian National athletic Team Axenandra Antonova and Galina Kolesheva.

“Our National Paralympic Team” does not participated in Paralympic Games”, said Vladimir Putin during solemn ceremony, “ Never the less, I would like to meet you with you in Kremlin, to introduce and congratulate you and to speak about the future development of the Paralympic Sport. I remember well, how in 2012 we were celebrating and welcoming the heroes of London Paralympic Games. Many of these who were then, are here now!
 Our team was ready take frontiers, together with your coaches, with people were close to us, you all trained very hard doing your best, in order to compete in fair play  - and I am sure you were 100% ready ! But, unfortunately there was dishonest, unfair for sport play against you. I am talking about undeserved, unfair dismissal where our National Paralympic Team was banned from Paralympic Games.  
We are not welcoming any kinds of any hacker attacks, as you all well know, but because of them we are become aware of the fact that people who participated in Olympic Games and appeared healthy, were taking forbidden substances. Such substances, gave them obvious benefits in sporting struggle. But for some reasons, our Paralympians, only because of some suspicions in taking some unknown substances were banned from the Paralympic Games. Of course it was dishonest, hypocritical and cowardly decision.
But, I would like to point out that our Paralympians are persons with strong will and determination, our athletes were and always will be among the leaders of the international Paralympic Sport. And results of these competitions, proves this. We were able to improve more than two dozens of world’s records, and in some disciplines even surpass achievements of Rio. 
We made a decision to encourage our athletes, coaches and specialists who displayed an outstanding performance during the Open Competitions in Russia and during international tournaments, at which selection of candidates for the Paralympic Games were made. Russian stands strong behind their Paralympians and will create special conditions for them. 
For these who participated in Paralympic Sport during the last years, lot was already done, you know about that.  The best examples are of that are growing number of people, who despite all obstacles are choose Paralympic Sport and are involved in development of new disciplines , active participation of regions and public organizations and their support of Paralympic Sport. Moreover, I think that such events as Open Competitions in Russia in Paralympic disciplines must be regular events. And we will continue to organize them on regional basis.
We are interested that today’s rather difficult period in international sport will come to its conclusion as soon as possible. Russia is in close cooperation with various independent, international anti  – doping agencies and commissions. We  advocate the formation of a clear, equitable and fully transparent monitoring system in the sports sector, including in all matters of counter doping; there should be no politics, no hypocrisy and no double standards.
As I already said during the meeting in Kremlin with our Olympic Team, that all anti – doping activities on international level must be conducted in absolutely open way. These are not some kind of spying activities, what are here to hide?
Any testing activities must be made public, transparent and open- as they say now. It is essential that global sporting community must know; who is checking, when checking is being done, how it is being done, what are results of these checking and what decisions are made based on results of these checking. Most of all when all this affects Paralympic Family – dedicated, courageous athletes, who represents the triumph of strength, fortitude, self-belief  from whom millions of people are learning of purpose and winning attitude. You are making a huge contribution to the development of sports and the development of society, as a shining example of positive, honest and courageous attitude towards life.
Dear friend! With all my heart, I sincerely wish all of you and to those who stand by the side of our Paralympic athletes, helping them, more of success, health, energy, and of course more bright shining victories . I am sur, we will overcome all obstacles and your country, Russia will always stand by your side, supporting you.
Thank you very much !

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