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The opening ceremony of the Sledge Hockey Tournament "Cup of Courage" was held in the ice arena of the Yantar Sports Palace

22 August 2018

The opening ceremony of the Sledge Hockey Tournament "Cup of Courage" was held in the ice arena of the Yantar Sports Palace, organized by the Moscow Federation of Sports of Persons with Physical Impairments , the Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow with the support of the Russian Paralympic Committee.

Four teams - members of the Cup of Courage: the team "Phoenix" from the Moscow region - 5-time champion of Russia, the captain of the team - Vadim Selyukin; the team "Yastreby" from the Orenburg region, the captain of the team - Alexei Eremin; team "Udmurtia" from the Udmurt Republic - 2-time champion of Russia, team captain - Almaz Nafikov and the team - the hosts of the tournament - the Moscow team, the captain of the team - Roman Severin came to the arena cheered by the audience.

The rostrums greeted the guests who were honored to attend the ceremony: the president of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin, the chairman of the Executive Committee, the first vice-president of the RPC, the honored trainer of Russia Pavel Rozhkov, the head of the sport department of the Sport and Tourism Department of Moscow Anatoly Ratnikov, the honorary vice-president of the Paralympic Committee of Russia Lev Seleznev, General Director of the Sports and Fitness Center "Strogino" Sergei Zaitsev, senior coach of the Russian national sledge hockey team Alexander Shelyanin, Head of the Youth Hockey League Development Directorate and the Women's Hockey League of the Continental Hockey League Sergey Yakovlev, the actors of the series "Molodezhka" Ilya Korobko, Ivan Dubrovsky, Yevgeny Kulik, and others.

The ambassador of the Bulgarian resort Kamchia, singer Zlataslava and Diana Zavidova had theirperformance. Zlataslava performed with the premiere of a song entitled "I'm proud of you", which she dedicated to Russian Paralympic athletes. The singer sang a song accompanied by Victoria Safronova -the Russian figure skating master from the school for children "Konek Tchaikovskjy". The opening ceremony was attended by the figure skating coach, Honouredcoach of Russia Elena Chaykovskaya, three-time Olympic champion Maria Kiseleva, six-time champion of the Paralympic Games Sergey Shilov, the son of the first senior coach of the Russian national sledge hockey team Igor Samoilov and the head of the regional branch of the RPC in the Chelyabinsk region Anatoly Khalabov.

Singer Diana Zavidova, a traditional participant of the festive events of the RPC, sang the song "Breath".

Vladimir Lukin , the President of the Russian Paralympic Committee:addressed the guests and participants of the competition,

"Dear participants and guests of the sledge hockey tournament" Cup of Courage "!

On behalf of the Russian Paralympic Committee, I am pleased to welcome you to the opening of the Cup of Courage.

The strongest sledge - hockey teams of the country will come on the ice these days. I am confident that they will demonstrate a bright, beautiful and memorable hockey! Participation in the Tournament is an excellent opportunity for each player to prove himself and get an invaluable gaming experience. Of course, we will support each team, but everyone knows that the victory will only get the strongest!

I am confident that the Cup will be held at a decent level, and to a large extent will promote the promotion of sledge hockey, as well as the promotion of Paralympic and ideals.

I think that with this tournament a four-year cycle of sports work begins, which will end with the next Paralympic Games. I wish all the participants to progress. Show that sledge hockey in Russia, despite all the difficulties, is developing, no matter if they give sanctions to us or not.

Russian Paralympic athletes are rightfully a part of the world elite of sledge-hockey, and this will continue. We will only be stronger. "

Then the First Deputy Head of Sports Department of the Department of Sport and Tourism of the city of Moscow, Anatoly Ratnikov, read out the address of the Head of the Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow Nikolay Gulyaev:

"Dear friends!

On behalf of the Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow, I welcome you to the Open Hockey Cup " Cup of Courage "!

One of the best palaces in Moscow- the Sports Palace "Yantar" is ready to host a series of matches of Russia's strongest club teams for the right to be the first owners of the Cup of Courage.

Over one hundred athletes with disabilities will go to the ice to demonstrate their character and will, confirm their skills and achieve victory.

I am convinced that the event will be held at a high organizational level, and will become a bright page in the history of the development of Russian hockey-slej.

I wish the teams bright victories, and fans - a good mood and an unforgettable holiday sports! ".

Further, the Chairman of the RPC GB, the First Vice-President of the RPC, the head of the Working Group on the preparation of the Paralympic teams of Russia for the XIII Paralympic Winter Games in 2022 in Beijing (China) Pavel Rozhkov:

"Dear participants and guests!

Unfortunately, in connection with the current situation in a number of sports that are under the IPC Governance, Russian athletes do not have competitive practice on the international arena today. That is an important condition for successful preparation for the Paralympic Games, and first of all it concerns game kinds of sports and single combats.

In this regard, I want to thank for the initiative of holding this tournament:

 - The Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow in the person of Gulyaev Nikolay Alekseevich and the Moscow Federation of Sports of persons with physical impairments represented by Bocharov Vyacheslav Alekseevich.

Not so long ago the International Hockey Tournament was held in Orenburg for the prizes of the Governor of the Orenburg region Yuri Berg, where the Head of the region personally participated.

In the near future, ice hockey competitions will be held in the Khanty-Mansiysk, the Udmurt Republic.

I want to thank the Continental Hockey League, which not only provided gifts for all the guests of the Tournament, but also initiated the holding of international sledge hockey competitions in the spring of 2019 in the city of Sochi. "

Also words of gratitude Pavel Rozhkov expressed to the partners of the sledge hockey tournament "Cup of Courage" and the guests present, noting the importance of their assistance:

- Management of the Sports Palace "Yantar" for the warm and cordial welcome of the participants and guests of the event, as well as for the wide-ranging assistance in the preparation and conduct of the Tournament;

- honorable guests who took the time and came here to support the athletes and say parting words and sincere wishes.

- Sports club "Vityaz" in the city of Podolsk, the "Heritage" Charitable Foundation for comprehensive support in the organization of the tournament;

- Nestlé, the Russian Hockey Federation and the Continental Hockey League for gifts and souvenirs to guests and competitors;

- Sanatorium and recreational complex "Kamchia" for encouraging the best players in the competition.

The ambassador of the Bulgarian resort Kamchia, the singer Zlataslava thanked the athletes for the warm welcome and announced the establishment of a special prize from the resort of Kamchia - five vouchers for participants of the Courage Cup for a week holiday in Bulgaria.

Pavel Rozhkov declared the competitions open.

In honor of the day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation, celebrated on August 22, the participants of the ceremony heard the anthem of Russia.

The opening ceremony of the Moscow anthem was completed.

Vladimir Lukin, Anatoly Ratnikov, Pavel Rozhkov, Lev, Seleznev, Alexander Shelyanin, the actor of the series "Molodyozhka" Ilya Korobko and the special young guest of the tournament Rustam conducted a symbolic face-off before the match between the Moscow team and the Yastrebyteam.

Then the honorary guests and spectators of the competitions watched the opening match between the Moscow team and the Yastreby (Orenburg Region).

Spectators and participants of the competitions took an active part in master classes in sledge hockey, cycling and special competitions. During the break in the hall of the sports center, there was also a "Star Bullitt" contest held by the goalkeeper of the Russian hockey team, the silver medalist of the Paralympic Games Vladimir Kamantsev and the actors of the "Molodyozhka" series Ivan Dubrovsky and Yevgeny Kulik.

Participants of the master classes, as well as young spectators received memorable gifts from the partners of the event - the company "Nestle", the Federation of Hockey of Russia and the Continental Hockey League.

Also, the RPC together with the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) conducted the Anti-Doping Quiz "Outreach" for participants and spectators of the competition. The quiz was developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as part of a global educational program. This is an interactive game that allows you to test knowledge on anti-doping rules of athletes, coaches, professionals and other interested persons.

On the eve of the tournament, the action "Hockey is One" was held, which was already supported by the 3-time Olympic hockey champion, President of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak, singer Valeria, Russian music producer Iosif Prigozhin, singer Diana Gurtskaya, actor of the series "Molodezhka" Vlad Kanopka, 13-time champion of the Paralympic Games in Athletics of Rome Batalov and others.

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