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The European Paralympic Committee is launching free online courses on the topic “Tackling Donations & Sponsorships”.

13 April 2020
The European Paralympic Committee is launching free online courses on the topic “Tackling Donations & Sponsorships”.

Message from the EPC President Ratko Kovacic:

Dear Sportfriends,

We have been hit by the biggest challenge of our time. The Covid 19 stopped all activities worldwide and forced us into isolation.

So, after the first shock, it is time to take a deep breath and (re)think the future –  (re)think the time after isolation and all it consequences. The scenarios are hard to predict, and for sure, it will reflect on sports as well. So, at the moment where saving lives is the first priority, the sinking economy the second we will have to find our way through, support our NPC’s, and enable them to find new solutions. The only thing we can do is prepare – just as the athletes prepare for their game and/or their competition.

So, this is why I am inviting you to join a series of online workshops which will take place weekly to change your perspective, rethink collaboration and creativity and find out how to use communication to tackle donations & sponsorships. The workshops are free of charge and limited to 40 participants so that a prior registration will be needed.

Let’s tackle the future, my friends.

The program will be able to go 40 listeners who are the first to register.

Lectures will be held in English on the platform for video and audio conferencing

Wednesday, 22nd of April 10.00 – 11.30 AM CET
Subject - Change of Perspective (find out what sponsors want)

Wednesday, 29th of April 10.00 – 11.30 AM CET
Subject - My SuperPower (how to make the world aware of my SuperPower)

Wednesday, 6th of May 10.00 – 11.30 AM CET
Subject - Donations & Sponsorships (what’s the difference and a bag of ideas)

Those who wish to participate should send an application to the Russian Paralympic Committee by e-mail: with the obligatory indication of the name, surname, status (athlete, trainer, doctor, employee of the NPC) and contact phone number.

After registration, participants will receive a link and information on how to join the seminar.

+7 (499) 922 11 90
101000, Moscow, Turgenevskaya sq., 2