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The anti - doping educational seminar for children from the Ugra municipalities in Khanty Mansijsk.

25 February 2020

The Russian Paralympic Committee together with the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the region, the Ugra Adaptive Sports Center and the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA in Khanty-Mansiysk held an Anti-Doping Education Seminar for children from municipalities of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region -Ugra.


Lectures and seminars in front of young athletes, their coaches and attendants were made by specialists of the RUSADA educational programs implementation department, deputy head of the Russian Paralympic Committee Commission on medicine, anti-doping and classification of athletes, the main classifier of the All-Russian Federation of Sports for Persons with Physical Impairments, the member of the Medical Committee of the International Paralympic Committee, Doctor of Medical Sciences Guzel Idrisova.


Seminar participants learned about the main values of the Paralympic movement, health risks arising from the use of illegal drugs, the basic rules that any athlete must adhere to throughout his career, and what he should not do under any circumstances.


An interactive game on knowledge of the anti-doping rules “Brain Ring”, during which young Paralympics competed in teams with famous athletes, helped the young athletes to gain knowledge.


At the end of the Seminar, Olga Semenova, 3-time Paralympic champion, Madina Kazakova, champion of the Paralympic Judo Games among blind athletes, and Andrei Vdovin, 9-time world champion in athletics among athletes with physical impairments, presented the winners of the Brain Ring with well-deserved prizes and memorable gifts for all participants events, thanked for their active participation and interest and declared the Anti-Doping Forum of Young Paralympics closed.


The seminar was also attended by renowned Russian athletes, champions of the Paralympic Football Games for persons with CP, Andrei Kuvaev and Ivan Potekhin, silver medalist of the Paralympic Powerlifting Games Vladimir Balynets, silver medalist of the Paralympic Games in Sledge Hockey Vadim Selyukin, Ambassador of Paralympic Sports, 2-time bronze medalist of the Paralympic Judo Games of the Blind Sports Irina Kalyanova, 5-time world champion in swimming among athletes with physical impairments Roman Zhdanov, 2-time world champion in wheelchair fencing Roman Fedyaev, world champion in archery among athletes with physical impairments Elena Krutova and others.

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