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The All-Russian Open Championship in Sports included in the Program of International Paralympic Program

10 September 2016

The All-Russian Open Championship in 18 Sports included in the Program of International Paralympic Program after two of intense competitions on the venues of “Ozero Krugloe” and “Novogorsk” ended with the final Award Ceremony on Friday, September 2016.


The competitions were held for two days at the sporting training centers of the Russian Ministry of Sport in close cooperation with the Russian Paralympic Committee and by the four All-Russian Sport Federation for Persons with Disabilities.


During the second day at sport training base of “Novogorsk” the competitions in shooting, archery and athletics among persons with physical impairment as well as persons with visual and intellectual impairments as well as master classes for blind athletes.


Among dignitaries who attended the events were Chairman of the Russian Government Arkadiyi Dvorkovich, President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin, First Vice President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Pavel Rozkhov, Secretary General of the Russian Paralynpic Committee Andrey Strokin, Vice President of the Russian Paralympic Committee and Vice of the Sport   Rima Batalova, Olympic Champion Svetlana Zhurova.



On the Venues of the “Ozero Krugloe” swimming competitions among persons with physical, intellectual and visual impairments were held. Also, master classes on wheelchair fencing and judo for blind athletes.


The Russian Federation Ministry of Sport Vitaliy Mutko, First Vice President of the Russian Paralympic Committee and other official representatives were among viewers.


At the end of the second day of competitions, the Solemn Award Ceremony of medallists and prize winners took place, as well the Ceremony of the Closing of All-Russian Open Championship in 18 Sports included in the Program of International Paralympic Program.




All Russian Paralympic athletes who received the quotas for the Summer Paralympic Games 2016 in Rio participated in the competitions, where they represented 55 different regions of the country. Among participants were 155 male and 111 female athletes. That includes 188 athletes with physical impairments, 50 athletes with visual impairments, 14 athletes with intellectual impairments and 14 football players with cerebral palsy that also included 7 guides.





During the competitions, the Russian Paralympic athletes displayed 25 results, which were higher than already established world records : 12 in swimming, 12 in athletics and 1 in shooting.

In swimming, Roman Zhukov three times, Viacheslav Emelyanov  two times, and Anna Krishvina One time. Sergey Sykhanov, Andrey Granichkov, Dmitriy Kokarev and other participants of combined male rally  displayed 4X100 meters.


At athletics, Dmitriy Safonof (running 100x200m), Margarita Goncharova ( jumping 400m). Best then already existed world results were displayed by Andrey Vdovin ( running 400m), Evgeniy Shvechov ( running 800m) Evgeniy Malukh, Vladimir Spiridonov, Dmitriy Dushkin and Svetlana Krivenk ( shot put), Evgeniy Torsunov (jumping) and Aleksey Kunznetsov (javelin throwing).


Sergey Malushev went over established world record in shooting ( P4 rifle). Bato Chezgerdadzhiev in went over world record in archery. Moreover, five Russian Paralympic athletes displayed results highest then European: Tamara Podpalnaya, Vera Muratova, Vladimer Balutech  and Petr Filatov (all powerlifting) and Sergey Nechaev in shooting (R4 rifle).


The competitions where our athletes displayed genuine sport spirit and fair play principle, give them an opportunity to show the rest results achieved after four years of intense and enduring training process. Together with their coaches and support staff they are ones more demonstrated they will be ready for future competitions on national and international arenas. The friendship, mutual respect and real team spirit were prevailing attitudes among our athletes during these days.

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