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30 March 2021

MOSCOW, March 30. / TASS /. Vladimir Lukin, who stepped down as president of the Russian Paralympic Committee on Tuesday, believes that he has reason not to be ashamed of the work done in 25 years. He told TASS about this.

Lukin resigned from the executive committee of the RPC on Tuesday. He has headed the RPC since 1997, and was last re-elected to a four-year term in April 2018. At the same time, Lukin holds the post of deputy Chairman of the Federation Council committee on international affairs. Also, the vice-presidents of the RPC Boris Ivanyuzhenkov, Rima Batalova and Oleg Smolin left their posts.

“The decision coincides in time with the 25th anniversary of my stay in the RPC, and it is no exaggeration to say that during this time the Paralympic movement has become a part of the life of our country - a positive part. The country has learned what Paralympism is, the attitude towards people has changed in the country with disabilities in general due to the wide popularity of sports for disabled people, in which many journalists played a positive role. I think there is reason not to be ashamed of this time of our work," - Lukin said.

When asked if he plans to continue working on the development of Paralympism in Russia, Lukin replied: “Of course, participation in various organizational activities and assistance to Paralympic sports are not exactly the same thing. What can I, what is in my power to contribute I did, do and will continue to do paralympism in Russia. Therefore, I do not feel any special shocks and emotions now, especially since for four years of all these scandals not a single documentary decision on an offense within our Paralympic team has been provided to us."

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