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Press release of the RPC following the IPC Governing Board meeting of 10-11 September 2018

13 September 2018
The International Paralympic Committee ("IPC") published on 12 September 2018 a press release following the IPC Governing Board meeting that took place in Madrid on 10-11 September.

The Russian Paralympic Committee ("RPC") expresses its strong disappointment by the IPC's decision to maintain the RPC's suspension.

As acknowledged by the IPC itself, "[s]ince the IPC suspended the RPC in August 2016 a lot of progress has been made". Indeed, the RPC has been collaborating in good faith and to the best of its abilities with the IPC in order to be reinstated.

Already more than six months ago, the RPC fulfilled all of the IPC reinstatement criteria which were within the scope of its competence. However, the IPC continues to condition the reinstatement of the RPC on the fulfilment of two criteria which are outside the scope of competence of the RPC, namely
- the reinstatement of RUSADA by WADA;
- an "official response" (acceptance or rebuttal) to the Mr McLaren Report on the state level

As to the financial issues mentioned in the IPC's press release, the RPC is and has always been willing to solve them, provided that the IPC submits documentation in strict compliance with international and Russian legislation, which the IPC has so far failed to do, despite numerous requests by the RPC.

The RPC is ready for a productive dialogue on this matter and hopes to be reinstated as soon as possible.

A more detailed position of the RPC will be outlined following the meeting of the WADA Executive Committee on 20 September 2018.

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