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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent congratulations to athletes, workers in the field of physical culture and sport

11 August 2018

Dear friends!

I congratulate you with the Day of Physical Culturist.

This remarkable holiday is widely celebrated all over the country and unites a huge number of people - athletes, coaches, physical education workers, all adherents of an active, healthy lifestyle.

The development of mass sports is one of the key, priority tasks of the state. We will continue to pay great attention to improving the sports infrastructure, training highly qualified specialists, mentors, teachers. It is important that every person, regardless of age and profession, can practice his favorite sport, because sport tempers character and will, teaches you to overcome difficulties, persistently achieve your goal. I will add that it was from the physical culture movement, from the school sections and circles many of our famous champions and record-holders began their ascent to the sports Olympus.

Once again I congratulate you with the holiday, I wish you all the best.


Vladimir Putin

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