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President of Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin about reinstatement criteria

25 November 2016
Paralympic Committee of Russia studied Reinstatement criteria sent by the International Paralympic Committee.  This document causes certain emotions, but emotions right now are untimely.

The document,  signed by the IPC CEO Xavier Gonzalez, its authors called «Technical and comprehensive» . Particularly from this position we are scrutinizing it.

Almost every paragraph in this document requires a lot of specifics, clarifications and legal certainty. Specialists from Russian Paralympic Committee are doing it now. We are examing point by point, we trying to realize  what means their implementation in terms of our capabilities, as well as the extent to which they are compatible with Russian and international law.

Once this work is completed, we will contact the IPC Executives and together will  define the time and the exact parameters of the meeting, which the IPC proposes to organize to try to arrive to  precise  and consistent interpretation of this document, because without this it is hardly possible to clearly define the extent of its implementation, to reduce the maximum the element of subjectivity.

The media will be informed about the outcome of this meeting in a timely manner.

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